The Firstborn by Quenby Olson (ARC Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Title: The Firstborn

Author: Quenby Olson

Published Date: Expected May 9th 2017

Genre: Historical Romance


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Sophia has sacrificed everything for her younger sister, Lucy. She has removed them from the only home they ever knew, taken on the care of Lucy’s illegitimate son, George, and even assumed the role of a widow and mother in order to erase all hint of scandal from the boy’s birth. But rumor continues to follow them like the darkest of clouds, and Sophia must adapt to her new existence as a false widow with no prospects beyond the doors of her small cottage.

Lord Finnian Haughton will stop at nothing to prevent the slightest hint of scandal from tainting his family’s name. When he learns of his younger brother’s latest indiscretion-one that leaves a bastard child in his wake-Haughton rushes across the country to offer the boy’s mother a comfortable living in exchange for her silence about the child’s true parentage. But he arrives only to have his generous offer thrown back in his face by Sophia Brixton, a sharp-tongued and sharper-witted woman who proceeds to toss him out of her house. But just because he is banished from her home does not mean he is so easily banished from her life.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s  Review***

I am a big fan of historical romance. The period, the dress, society. This is the story of Sophia, who has taken it upon herself to pretend to be a widow in order to raise the child her flighty sister, Lucy, had out of wedlock. Which is exactly what she has done until Finn, the brother of the man who fathered Lucy’s child shows up with an offer he thinks she can’t refuse.

The story drew me in and I loved the characters and setting. It was a pretty fast read and had a great storyline. Sophia and Finn were a lot alike when it came down to it. They both wanted what was best for their nephew. Lucy I didn’t care for. She was selfish and spoiled. All in all this was a great story!


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