The Heron Prince (The Demon Door, #2) by Kim Alexander (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)

Title: The Heron Prince (The Demon Door, #2)

Author: Kim Alexander

Published Date: August 27th 2016

Genre:  Fantasy


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The Demon Door can be opened…but the price is deadly. Rhuun, the half-human heir to the demon throne of Eriis, has found acceptance among the humans on Mistra. He even found love with the tempting and infuriating human, Lelet va’Everly. With Lelet at his side, his ability to create fire has finally awakened, proving that he is not the cursed cripple all of Eriis believed him to be. There are secrets in his blood, unique and powerful…and worth killing for. When Rhuun is betrayed and tricked into returning to Eriis, Lelet has no choice but to turn to exiles, children, and madmen to save him. She must do the impossible: transform herself into a demon and travel to a forgotten city to make an agonizing bargain for his life. Surrounded by dark Mages, a war-hungry Queen, mercurial Goddesses, and enemies on every side, the demon prince and the human woman will find the Court of Eriis a subtle and dangerous place, and one false move could doom them both. Best-selling author Kim Alexander works her magic once again, creating a novel with worlds that are as rich and complex as her characters. The Heron Prince is the second book of The Demon Door series.

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
The intelligent writing style of the author continues into this second book of the series. The Heron Prince is an exciting adventure of exploration and intrigue. I find it captivating how well the author showcases the natures of two different worlds and their inhabitants. In the world of Mistra so much time has passed since the war that the demons of Eriis are considered creatures of myth. Yet in the world of Eriis the demons are still struggling to find their way back to their previous lifestyles and many cannot forget or forgive the humans for causing so much pain and destruction. This is a marvelous look at human nature; where those who have “defended” themselves from evil can easily move on and put those frightful times behind them to the point where they no longer clearly see the other side or their hand in what transpired. While those who were attacked, struggle to come to grips with the loss of traditions, life as it was before, and the effect it has on an entire world. This story is a tale of caution to never forget history but also that people don’t always see the same events in the same way. I absolutely love how the characters have grown and progressed throughout the story arch and being a second book in a series does not slow any aspect of the plot down at all. From beginning to end I was invested in the happenings of both worlds. One difference from the first book was each chapter no longer explained the time change, like in book one. I found that made it easier to just go with the flow instead of trying to comprehend how much time had passed in either world. It made for a much smoother read, although it was necessary for the first book. I highly recommend this series; it mixes paranormal, romance, mystery, and political intrigue very well.


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