Paid In Full (Jax Rhodes, #2) by Rachel Rawlings (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Paid In Full (Jax Rhodes, #2)

Author: Rachel Rawlings

Published Date: March 14th 2017

Genre: Urban Fantasy


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Demon hunter, Jax is back battling the beasts of Hell in Baltimore’s underbelly. Dealing with the Devil is as dangerous as ever, especially when your immortal soul is on the line.
But that’s nothing compared to the Angels.
Charged with finding the one relic that can end her life, Jax puts her faith in the only man she can trust – the Sin Eater.
Dane swore to protect her, but can he save her from herself and her personal demons?
Caught between Heaven and Hell, Jax’s next move might just be her last.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Paid in Full is 10 times better then Payable by Death. Rachel Rawlings out did herself on this one. Jaw dropping, edge of your seat, OMG story line. Yes she had me feeling Jax’s pain and guilt in parts and tears in others. But the intensity was amazing.
Jax and Dane continue closing portals at different churches. Jax started to notice that at one of the churches, the hum was different then the rest. They closed it with the usual demon problems and with the symbols just like all the rest. Suddenly Jax started putting two and two together and she thought she knew where the spear was.
Upon trying to get the spear, things went terrible wrong. There was a new hunter and a new demon, both after her’ She thought she realized the truth behind everything and knew what she had to do. It was back to open the strange portal.
Sneaking out and leaving Dane a 5 word note saying good but, she went there. While trying to reopen the portal, a demon stepped out of the shadows and knew who she was and called her by her name. This demons name was Dunmah, ( this is where mu jaw dropped to the floor) and was waiting to take her to the devil. Who is this mysterious demon?
From here on out to the end, the story was beyond fantastic. My emotions were all over the board. I was at the edge of my seat, holding my breath. When Jax hurt, my heart would hurt for her. When she had tears, so did I.
I grew to hate Tobias throughout the story and was mighty surprised at the attitude of Apollyon and how he treated Jax with love. Apollyn spoiled Jax and showed her another side of him, not the one we associate him as. He took on the human side and presented himself as human.
Rachel Rawlings is an amazing author with a very special way of telling a story. She held me in the palms of her hands all the way to the very end, Thank You Rachel Rawlings!

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