Beyond the Sun (Dark Order of the Dragon, #1) by Sandra Bischoff (Review by Shelly, #NerdGirlXrayer)

Title: Beyond the Sun (Dark Order of the Dragon, #1)

Author: Sandra Bischoff

Published Date: March 31st 2013

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy


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Fifteen years ago Jared Bonatelli had it all. The youngest son of one of the founding families in the Conservatorship of The Dark Order he lived a life you only thought existed in novels and nightmares. He had just graduated from Oxford University and became engaged to his childhood sweetheart when he lost it all in one violent act. The very next day he found himself shipped off to New Orleans with only the money in his pocket and whatever he could fit in one suitcase. Since that night he has suffered reliving his fiancé’s murder repeatedly in his dreams. It isn’t until he finds himself summoned back to New York for an emergency meeting of the Conservatorship that the comfortable world he lives in begins to crumble around him.

Alexandra Toscano has been searching for the one assignment that could catapult her journalistic career. When her editor Gene O’Hanlon drops a manila folder in her lap, Alex is immediately skeptical. At first glance the information he hands her seems like a publicity piece that is till she comes across an article he wrote some fifteen years ago about Vampires murdering a young woman in Central Park. She is ready to laugh it off as a work of fiction until he points out he was an eyewitness to the whole thing. But that wasn’t all. The girl’s boyfriend was a member of a prominent Italian family who vanished the very next day.

Now as Alex begins to dig deeper into Jared’s life she begins to question her own past. Could the answer she seeks be found in the glowing eyes of the one person she is sworn to expose? Or will they both find themselves torn apart by a world Beyond the Sun?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelly, #NerdGirlXrayer Review***

This story starts out with a tragedy that Jared Bonatelli had to endure. Fifteen years later he is called home. Secrets will be revealed, ties will be torn, love will be found and more secrets will be uncovered. This makes for a wild ride into the paranormal world.

You will certainly feel for Jared. He has been through tragedy and overcome it. Just when you think things are looking up he is bombarded by some big secrets. So big they will change his life. Alex is just trying to make a living and is given a story she can’t quite believe but will change her life. She also learns secrets that leave her mind reeling. Can Jared and Alex lean on each other, deal with all the secrets they learn, and find love?

Each character in this story was unique. You will love most but hate some. Because of this the character development is great and pulls you into the story. I felt like there was a new surprise with every chapter. The secrets you learn, the angst you feel and the twists that keep your mind reeling make for a page turning story that you won’t want to end.

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