Rian Field by Krista Wagner (Review from Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx)

Title: Rian Field  

Author: Krista Wagner 

Published Date: January 9th 2016

Genre: Women’s Fiction


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Rian Field is living her dream as a Marine Biologist, but when she is attacked by a shark, it triggers memories from the past and changes her understanding of her present world. After surviving the shark attack, Rian Field continues her work at the Institute, determined to live her routine life. But as she attempts to cope with her growing post-traumatic stress outbreaks, she is plagued both by memories of an earlier trauma and a sudden onslaught of mysterious and ominous events. She soon finds herself immersed in an inescapable danger as she suspects that her former assailant is still threatening her life–and may be someone close to her; more disconcerting, though, is the growing certainty that the trauma is somehow connected to the shark attack, compelling Rian to uncover the truth of her past and discover who is after her.

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***Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx’s  Review***

Rian Field was a pretty decent read. The storyline was unique and suspenseful. There weren’t too many grammatical errors, and the writing was generally good.

Some of the circumstances for the story were pretty far fetched with shark attacks being related to direct attacks on Rian’s life, but the twists were well thought out and I was not able to guess ahead of time what was going on.

My only real issue was that it was fairly slow paced for the type of story, and I had a hard time connecting with Rian, the MC. However, the action was well-written and fast paced. There were so many secondary characters (friends and co-workers) that I had a hard time keeping up, and frequently had to go back in the story to refresh my memory of who different people were or to figure out what time we were in. There were frequent flash backs.

I think that this story would be well received from anyone who enjoys a good suspense. The plot twist was surprising, which is something I can usually figure out before it is revealed in the story. 3.5 stars rounded up to a 4.


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