The Actor: Surviving Celebrity Gossip, Fame and Social Media (In Their Shoes Book 2) by Andrew Mackay (Review by Valerie -#NerdGirlVal)

Title: The Actor: Surviving Celebrity Gossip, Fame and Social Media (In Their Shoes Book 2)

Author: Andrew Mackay

Published Date: November 16th 2016

Genre: Satire


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In Their Shoes – The Actor (Fiction / Satire) (Book 2) From the back cover: Dreams and careers are on the line… again! Well-known character actor Pat Cake has made quite a name for himself in British crime cinemas. After all he has accomplished, landing the pivotal role in the new sequel, Jesus Christ Social Media Star, in London’s West End was just another feather in his cap. But for Joy Attwood this new assignment is raising the stakes. Despite the circumstances that left a teacher without her occupation, there is nothing in the world that could stop her from behaving like a professional this time. But with everything from a cab door to the stage beams working against her, Joy discovers that sometimes the bright lights of the big stage aren’t quite as gleaming as you might think. As Pat helps Joy navigate the cutthroat world of acting, her biggest challenge just might come from getting too involved with the subject she’s following. Can Joy survive the day under the watchful eye of the adoring public? Or will her anxious and shy demeanor give her up as a fool in front of thousands of people? The Actor is the second book in a brand new series by Chrome Valley Books. If you love satirical comedy, thriller and suspense then you don’t want to miss out on In Their Shoes! Praise for the “In Their Shoes” series: ..”. very funny… with an irreverent and acerbic tone!” “Very funny… dark and twisted in places… would definitely recommend!” “Hilarious and dark!”


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
The Actor sure out did The Teacher in so many different ways. Joy is to follow around Patrick Cake, the famous actor of Tribez movies. Pat is a father, a divorced husband, twice, with the most hectic life there is.
They start the day bright and early, with a full schedule and a time crunch. You never know what an actor deals with until you spend the day with one. On the train heading for down town of the city, people recognize you and want their picture taken with you or an autograph. There is no saying No to your fans.
Joy and Pat’s first stop is a radio station for an live interview. The DJ did his best to bully Pat and ruffle his feathers. Another person joined them and she had it out for Pat. She is yelling on air that Pat is racist. Now this was big news for the fans as it flew across the Internet. In .05 seconds, Pat’s name was mud.
Heading to their next stop, they pass a homeless man. He asked them if they believe. He starts telling them that God is coming and they need to read the Bible. As Pat and Joy keep walking, he yells at them, Heathen’s! Trying not to listen, they keep moving as fast as they can.
The next stop was a voice over that went way to wrong and Pat was so angry afterwards, that he was going to kill his agent. Yes he stormed his agents office and wasn’t very nice. You will have to read it to see what happens.
They walk their way to a park for Joy’s cameo. Along the way, more stuff about them is showing up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The more Pat reads them, the more he gets angry. Joy knows it’s all lies and tries to shrug it off. But for some reason it is getting under Pat’s skin.
So far this day has been nothing but a fuck up! Pat’s name is all over the Internet and Joy is his new Love. And to put the icing on the cake, it’s all done with no taste. Just imagine your face being plastered on all social media networks with a bunch of lies being told about you. Pat say’s it’s an everyday thing, since you are an actor.
The day didn’t get any better.
Every stop something went terribly wrong. Even picking his daughter, Maggie up from school turned into a fascicle. Pat makes a fool of himself in honor of his daughter and she made the whole thing up. Running late for an audition, he didn’t have time for this, but he is trying to be the good father. Pat is hopping that something good will come of the day with this audition. He is going for a lead part in a Ron Howard move, only thing is, his best enemy is going for it too. Pat didn’t have time to learn the lines and it was the worst. He was told “we’ll be in touch”. Joy was asked to stay a minute so the guys could talk to her for a moment. She did and they asked her to take a small part in the movie.
Opening Night, 2 Tribez, red carpet, paparazzi, the works. This time Joy makes the spectacle of her self in front the whole world and headlines every Internet network there is. Instead of being embarrassed, she just went with the flow. Hot Mess!
Half way through the premier, they had to leave for Pat to be on stage for the ending of the play, Jesus Christ Social Media Star. I saw Jesus Christ Super Star on Broadway, in my freshmen year of high school ( 1975). I was wondering when they would bring back old plays and make then modern. Any way this is when Joy makes her daubed. I’m still giggling on this one. I think it’s my favorite part of the book.
There is so much more to fill in between the lines with what I just said, read the book to see. I think Joy Attwood and Andrew Mackay either have a fabulously twisted mind, or Joy is an amazing researcher. This story is so out there, that I can really see it happening in real life. Andrew and Joy are very talented at what they do. Who puts funny into a new category but them. This is twisted and funny and jaw dropping, that you must read it to see for yourself. Need a good laugh? Well here you go! I love the style of this writing and look forward to see where Joy ends up next time for some more good laughs. I just love Joy Attwood!
5 stars in my book, 10 if I could. This is a must read, you won’t regret it, I promise.


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