Spellweaver (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D., #2) by Tamara Grantham (Review by #NerdGirlKat)

Title: Spellweaver (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D., #2) 

Author: Tamara Grantham

Published Date: January 4th 2016

Genre: Fantasy


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Olive’s to-do list: Feed the cat. Pay the rent. Save Faythander. Again. After Olive’s last trip through Faythander, she wants nothing more than a nice vacation. But there’s never time for relaxation when goblin treachery is afoot. When Geth, a goblin Spellweaver, destroys the Everblossom – a tree containing Faythander’s pure magic – the fairy-world utopia begins to die. The bloom of the Everblossom is all that remains of pure magic. Now Olive must travel through Earth and Faythander to find a place where it will flourish. Olive will be tested beyond anything she has endured so far, as the secrets of Faythander’s sordid and bloody past are exposed – one that could irrevocably alter the future and destroy the lives of everyone she loves.


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***#NerdGirlKat’s  Review***
Alright, here’s the deal…I needed tissues. So if you have those random leaky eye moments, when reading make sure to keep some near by. I adored Dreamthief, and Spellweaver did not disappoint. Tamara Grantham delivered action and all the feels from the get go. Of course our favorite Dr.Pepper drinking Adonis was there. Kull still keeps the quirky humor rolling, Olive still analyzes everything. Not long into their journey a travesty occured that not only causes leaky eyes, but makes your heart hurt. Although there is little time to waste our group and a few new faces, continue on the path set before them. A major loss in Faythander could spell doom for both worlds. Traveling back to the Earth world Olive finds out some pretty heavy stuff about her mother. This new revelation could spell trouble in the future. Even though she is back searching for someone and something very important she still has human issues to contend with. Although Olive and Kull are a dream couple with their easy going nature, there is still a Brent issue to deal with. Although she only feels they are together because he can’t do better, will she bring herself to choose Kull over Brent? The story hasn’t even fully piqued while Olive deals with silly human customs. The action really starts to swing when she decides to take up basketball and swimming. From then on you can’t put the book down! I felt like I was emerged in the mystery surrounding the path Olive and her cohorts endure. Can Olive save magic in both worlds? Grab your copy now to find out!


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