The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your S**t (In Their Shoes Book 1) by Andrew Mackay (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your S**t (In Their Shoes Book 1)

Author: Andrew Mackay

Published Date: October 10th 2016

Genre:  Satire


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Cheating, lying, cutting class… and that’s just the staff!!

Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress and dying less than a year after retirement?

Rachel is one of the high school’s best teachers. She gets on well with everyone. The kids like her. The staff like her less, but only because the kids like her and not them.

But annoying managers, obnoxious students, needlessly excessive paperwork, useless training sessions and catastrophic amounts of marking have Rachel wondering if she should just quit and pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.

Meet fresh-faced and eager journalist Joy Attwood. She’s about to spend the day with Rachel to discover what being a high school teacher is really like. No frills, no red carpet, no gimmicks – just straight into the ST!

Rachel will reveal all her underhand tricks of the trade – from managing unruly behaviour, to cutting corners when marking work – for the sake of the book you’re about to read. Joy has picked one of the worst days to follow this pi$$ed off high school teacher.

Can Joy survive the day without wanting to kill someone, or will Rachel beat her to it?

If you’re a fan of Helen Fielding, Tom Sharpe and Imogen Edwards-Jones – and love British humor, satire and heart-wrenching drama – then you cannot afford to miss out on In Their Shoes – The Teacher!


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Fantastic, Funny and Outstanding! In Their Shoes, had me laughing, had my jaw hanging wide open and tears in my eye and then more giggles. My Mother was an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, USA. I remember her telling my Father when I was little about different teachers and how they acted or what they said. As I got older and she taught Special Ed., I remember her talking about different students and their parents. She would also sometimes tell stories about the administration and the stupid things they would do. I didn’t think much about it at the time and she ended up teaching for 42 years.
But the setting of In Their Shoes, is so much different. For one it’s in the UK and their names for grades is so different and I chuckled at that. The story is told by an journalist, Joy Attwood, following a teacher, Rachel Weir, to write a documentary about her and teaching. Now everybody has their own idea as to what a teacher does all day. Some say it’s an easy job, that they are just babysitting. Others don’t understand why teachers want and need pay raises. But as you follow Rachel and Joy for the day, you get the idea that teaching isn’t what you think it is. You are a mediator, a warm hug, a friend, a disciplinarian, a shoulder to cry on, a door mat to be walked on and so much more.
Rachel is a ruff and tuff kind of women. Smokes a lot, not afraid to speak up and out of line to voice her opinion. If this is a true story, then she would be in jail her in the US, for the way she speaks to the children. She uses curse words and call’s them names. Some the come backs from the kids and Rachel, make you laugh and shake your head. Trying to understand the lingo of the students is fascinating in it’s self. Rachel is observed that day and is unprepared and in a foul mood from a hangover. The class is totally out of hand and she can’t seen to ring them in. She tries to teach them, to no avail. Now this all goes against you and in your file. You are graded on your performance in the classroom. And Rachel was going down hill fast. Her reaction, who gives a fuck! I loved it!!!!
One of the periods, Rachel had Joy teach her very first class. Joy had no idea what to do and just winged it. She had the class’s attention as she opened the door to the kids in the hall and with a voice of a drill sergeant, told them to line up. Then she saw two boys with their ties off and with that same voice told them to put them on. I was laughing so hard that I almost pissed myself. I could see me doing that! Joy continued with that same voice to start the class off. and she did fantastic! But Rachel was not pleased with Joy’s performance. Matter of fact, Rachel just shunned Joy off. Why was Rachel so upset? Did Joy do something wrong? At first I thought it was what Joy talked to the class about. But later as the day started to wind down, Rachel reveals why and how come to Joy and she is shocked.
Andrew Mackay is a new author to me and what made me decide to review this book, was that it’s about teachers and I know something about them. Well I was blown away with what I read and had to laugh out loud thinking of my Mother teaching in this school. She was prim and proper and the way the author told the story, well I’m still laughing. Very well written, even though it’s in the British language. But being from the US, it just added to the fun of the book. (no hard feeling over there in the UK) Anyway, I really enjoyed the book and the style of Andrew’s writing. I am looking forward the rest of the series.


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