Carved in Cherry (Curse Collectors, #1) by Elizabeth Kirke – (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy)

Title: Carved in Cherry (Curse Collectors, #1) 

Author: Elizabeth Kirke

Published Date: May 31st 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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One thing set Lydia Shaw and her store apart from the other antique shops in town…
Lydia’s collection was plagued by curses, and it was her duty to break them.
Rachel, Angie, and Jo knew nothing about their aunt’s secret life. In fact, they didn’t even know she owned an antique shop, until they inherited it. Unfortunately for them, Lydia passed down more than just her store. The sisters are the proud new owners of countless deadly curses, buried under centuries of dust.
Lydia also left behind her apprentice, Peter. He does everything he can to protect the girls, as they explore their new store, unaware of the dangers it hides. In spite of his efforts, Rachel finds herself obsessed with opening a strange trunk, Angie has vivid dreams, haunted by a man who claims he needs her help, and Jo’s imagination starts to run wild.
When one of them falls victim to a curse, it’s up to Peter and her sisters to save her. But, if Peter can’t teach them to wield a magic, that he barely understands himself, she’ll be the first one to die.

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy’s  Review***
Rachel, Angie, and their adopted sister Jo recently inherited an antique shop from their late aunt Lydia. They go there to check the shop out, clean everything up, and see if there’s anything worth keeping or throwing out. While there they come across a worker named Peter who is quite shocked and thinks they’re burglars and arms himself with an antique sword. After being scared, the girls explain who they are and eventually Peter believes them, but is still not too welcoming. The girls are there for a few days, but there is so much stuff that they don’t seem to know where to start. The more they try to organize and categorize everything, the weirder things start to become. Rachel finds this old trunk that she becomes obsessed with opening, Angie is seeing weird things in reflections and Jo is hearing weird voices. Rachel and Angie are also having very weird dreams every night. Rachel has dreams that she and Peter kiss, and Angie has dreams about a strange and mysterious man she’s never seen before. However as soon as they wake up they can never remember anything they dreamed except for random bits and pieces that they can’t seem to make sense of. Rachel is also started to get feverish and becomes extremely tired all the time and Peter thinks it’s finally time to tell them what makes the antique shop, and their late aunt Lydia, so unique.
I thought this was a very good paranormal story. There were many shocking moments that happened that were integrated very well. However I did think there were a couple too many dream sequences. I know that that’s how the story had to continue to explain things, but if the characters didn’t remember anything anyway, it just make the story stop for a bit then slowly start back up. However I did enjoy it and would be interested in reading more of the series.


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