Bellamy and The Brute by Alicia Michaels (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)

Title: Bellamy and The Brute

Author:  Alicia Michaels 

Published Date: March 13th 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy / Fairy Tale Retelling


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When Bellamy McGuire is offered a summer job babysitting for the wealthy Baldwin family, she’s reluctant to accept. After all, everyone in town knows about the mysterious happenings at the mansion on the hill—including the sudden disappearance of the Baldwin’s eldest son, Tate. The former football star and Golden Boy of Wellhollow Springs became a hermit at the age of sixteen, and no one has seen or heard from him since. Rumors abound as to why, with whisperings about a strange illness that has caused deformity…turned him into a real-life monster. Bellamy wants to dismiss these rumors as gossip, but when she’s told that if she takes the job she must promise to never, ever visit the 3rd floor of the mansion, she begins to wonder if there really is some dark truth being hidden there.

Tate’s condition may not be the only secret being kept at Baldwin House. There are gaps in the family’s financial history that don’t add up, and surprising connections with unscrupulous characters. At night there are strange noises, unexplained cold drafts, and the electricity cuts out. And then there are the rose petals on the staircase. The rose petals that no one but Bellamy seems to be able to see. The rose petals that form a trail leading right up to the 3rd floor, past the portrait of a handsome young man, and down a dark hallway where she promised she would never, ever go…

As Bellamy works to unravel the mysteries of Baldwin House and uncover the truth about Tate, she realizes that she is in way over her head, in more ways than one. Can her bravery and determination help to right the wrongs of the past and free the young man whose story has captured her heart?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Some  Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
A tale as old as time gets an exciting makeover in this modern day retelling, complete with an unexpected paranormal twist.

I am a huge fan of a retelling done well and this fits perfectly in that box for me. Taking the elements that I know and love from Beauty and the Beast and mixing things up in a contemporary setting, creating a book that I literally did not want to put down.

The nods to the classic Disney movie were appreciated, but this story definitely stands strong in it’s own right, an important ability with any well known literary prose.

An easy 5 stars from me and a strong recommendation that Beauty and the Beast fans grab a copy today …. hey even if you aren’t a Beauty and the Beast fan – grab it because the story is THAT good!



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