Malediction (House of Crimson & Clover #3A) by Sarah M. Cradit (Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)

Title: Malediction (House of Crimson & Clover #3A)  

Author:  Sarah M. Cradit 

Published Date: August 26th 2014

Genre: Paranormal


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The Deschanel Curse, dormant for a decade, has returned with a vengeance.

Seers across the family are coming together, hopeful the Deschanel Magi Collective can solve this malediction that has plagued the family for nearly two centuries.

But how do you combat the blood oath of a grieving mother?

As the body count rises, it becomes apparent that strength, love, and ancient power provide no protection from destiny’s cruel hand.

MALEDICTION: The Curse has claimed its first victim. The Deschanel Magi Collective must bring the whole family together, to fight this as one.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
In true form… disappointment is just NOT apart of Sarah Cradit’s vocabulary. And boy am I so HAPPY for that fact.
In this installment we get an in depth look into what started the Deschanel family curse. One word… GRIEF! As the author takes us deeper into the why and when, she continues on her story with our beloved family. Set in New Orleans this story gives us a rich history that only Sarah can deliver. With so much at stake and the curse taking victims one by one the Magi collective need to work together to try to end the violence and this horrible curse.
In true fashion this story leaves you with one hell of a OMG GRRRR cliff hanger. You’ve been warned lol This book will absolutely leave you not only wanting more, but on the edge of your seat. Twists, turns, despair, shocks and major surprises is exactly what you’re in for. You’re in for one hell of an amazing roller coaster ride. Congrats Sarah! As always 5 stars!! You blew me away yet again!
Pick up your copy today!! You will NOT regret it!!


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