April Yellow Moon: A Cat Collier Mystery by Carol Ann Kauffman (Review by Valerie, #NerdGirlVal)

Title: April Yellow Moon: A Cat Collier Mystery

Author: Carol Ann Kauffman

Published Date: January 29th 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery


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In this fourth installment in the Cat Collier Short Story Mystery Series, a dear, old friend comes up missing and Cat Collier must scramble to find her before it’s too late. A powerful enemy resurfaces and claims responsibility for a personal attack on Cat’s family. Nola relives Trent’s murder. Carter proposes…again.

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***Valerie, #NerdGirlVal Review***

Well in this next book to the series, we find Cat making a peace offering deal, saying yes and coming across girl’s in the back of a box truck. You wouldn’t think this combination would work together, but it does and very well.
Cat gets a call saying that one of her best friends from high school is missing. Someone at the Yellow Moon restaurant slipped a note from her into another friend’s pocket. Worried, yes. Terribly worried, no. This friend is known to leave on vacation without saying a word. But maybe we should check out the place and see if anyone has any information about her. Cat finds more than just her friend and it makes you wonder who else is involved. Got any ideas? I do!
Cat’s dad is hospitalized after becoming very sick at work. It takes a while to figure out what is wrong. But when they do, it wasn’t her dad who was suppose to get sick, but her mom. Why? And by who?
This one left more questions then answers. The mystery deepens and makes you think of who, why, where and when. Will Cat run away? Can the peace deal stay in place? Will Carter bolt again, even though he said he wouldn’t ever again? And how is all this tied in together? Carol Ann Kauffman will keep us in suspense until the next book to the series is ready for us. Can’t wait!

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