#IndyAuthorTalk – Featuring Author Anthony Zicari and FREE Comic Book!

Today on NerdGirl, we’re featuring author Anthony Zicari! Editor, Writer, and Comic Book author!


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Anthony Zicari is a professional freelance writer and editor. He began his professional writing career in 1998. He has written and edited for a wide number of companies, comic books, magazines, online web sites and other publications over the past nineteen years and counting. Including but not limited to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, Dark Horse Comics, Aces Weekly, Antarctic Press, London Night Studios, Narwain Publishing, Dabel Brothers Publishing, Legendary Press, and Inkwerk Studios to name a few. He is also the Editor In Chief of Inkwerks Studios (www.inkwerkstudios.com) and in addition to his regular writing/editing work load, he continues to work on many personal projects, as well as branching out into writing films, TV and animation. Some films and companies that he has worked on/for include, Times Like These (www.tltfilm.com), Green Leaf Pictures (www.greenleafpictures.com), and NYC Pet Tails (http://nycpettails.com/index.html)

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As our story begins, Jin Hu now 21 is a troubled soul. He is restless with questions about his past – who he is, where did he come from and what is his purpose in life?  Finding the answers to these questions is his objective as Jin sets off from Fujian Temple, located in the foothills of the Wuyi Mountains. Join us as we follow Jin on a journey that takes him to the lowest depths of hell and into the heights of heaven. Enter as Jin will, into the world of EMPYREAL.

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LITTLE SOLDIERS: http://vimeo.com/87049036
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Exclusive Free Comic Book!

Empyreal Issue 1

Just saw that Anthony Zicari was nominated for a Spacie award for Best Independent Writer.

Below is the link for voting!!

Just check it out find his name and if you can please vote for him. Just click the circle to the left of his name.

He is a huge Dabel Brothers supporter and would really appreciate it supported him as well. #SharingIsCaring


Thanks in Advance from Anthony and of course #TeamDabel

IF you voted, you could win a chance to win a surprise pack of coloring books donated by the Dabel Brothers!!!

Just leave a comment on the blog. Please note you can comment on the blog for entry. Let us know if you downloaded the free comic book!!!

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