Deadly Hearts by Priscila Santa Rosa (Review by Shelley C #NerdGirlRed)

Title: Deadly Hearts

Author: Priscila Santa Rosa

Published Date: January 17th 2017

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Romance


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After a deadly disease devastates her country and robs her of everything she has ever known, Isabel cares only about one thing: keeping her infected mother safe.

When rumors of a cure reach her desperate ears, Isabel will do anything to have it. Even if that means getting into bed with Diego, the charming leader of the Vargas drug cartel. Figuratively speaking, that is. Once her initial plan of stealing the cure from his grasp fails, she sees herself at the mercy of one of the most powerful men left in their country. But instead of killing her, an intrigued Diego proposes a dangerous deal. One she cannot refuse.

She will take him to the quarantined island of Bonita, a place that still haunts her nightmares, or she’ll lose her only chance of having the cure.

With no other choice, Isabel embarks on a journey deep into the jungle with Diego—a man she doesn’t trust but who holds the key to her salvation. And maybe, if she lets him, her heart

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelley, #NerdGirlRed Review***
 Deadly Hearts is described as a post-apocalyptic romance but I’d have to say it is more about the main character finding herself, although it is through meeting her love interest to-be, and accepting her actions in a world where survival means never trusting anyone. Isabel is an amazing leading character; she knows what her faults were before the end of the world as she knew it and what she is willing to do in this new reality. She’s a very realistic and tough person who only starts to realize how unemotional she has become when she meets Diego Vargas. I truly enjoyed that she didn’t turn into some damsel needing rescued. She stays strong in the face of everything but as a reader we also see her vulnerability. The story itself is very well put together and is kind of scarily realistic. The author does post-apocalyptic the best I’ve ever read. It’s a combination of her world building, extraordinarily realistic characters, and a grasp of real possibilities of a disease that could decimate life as we all know it and show both the good and bad that comes out of it. My honest review is my own and is not affected by the author sending me a review copy.


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