Boss by J.L. Lora (ARC Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Boss

Author: J.L. Lora

Published Date: Expected March 7th 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Determined to avoid the violence that claimed her family and friends, Carissa Elliott flees her hometown with a dangerous plan. She has proof that mafia boss Calum DeMateo killed her father—now she just has to catch him. To do so, she’ll have to transform herself from small-town ingénue to New York mafia queen.

When her path crosses with Alec McLean, the sexy stranger with whom she once shared a steamy nightclub kiss, things take an unexpected turn. Alec heads his family’s criminal organization, the kind of man Carissa should want nothing to do with. But he also has a plan to take down Calum, and the flames that flicker between them are irresistible.

Will their vengeful quests jeopardize their chance at lasting love?

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This book was not what I expected, but better. The Mob and romance together I usually do not care for. But this was done in a way that it wasn’t over done. The author caught me right away and I couldn’t put the book down. The story line is fabulous and done with very good taste. I really liked this book and hope there is a book 2 to go with it.
A women can’t be a Mob Boss, why not? Carissa was the head of the Trinity, which was made up of all girls. She became very powerful and well known. One night at a club, she meet Alec and there was instant sparks. She didn’t want to admit it and as he came on to her, bullets started to fly. Alec pushed her to the floor and layed on top of her. Mel and Gia, Carissa’s two girls was on the dance floor with Alec’s brother and right hand man. Alec got her out of there and she ran and hid, hoping that would be the last time to see him.
Calum, he is a reall A– and want Carissa to come back to him. But he is bad news and he is the one who killed her father and mother and friend. Now he is after her because she has something that can put him away for a long time.
The girls start a club of their own in New York City and Alec gets wind of it. He has to see Carissa again. Boy was she surprised to see him. Well things got very hot and steamy between them and Alec wants to have them join forces and go after Calum together. She don’t trust him enough, but things happen and turn of events, so they did. Then one day the FBI blindfolds Carissa and takes her in for questioning and arrests her. Alc found out that she told on him and then disappeared. He has to find her and kill her, or at least make her pay for what she did.
As you keep reading, there a loads of twists and turns and a surprise or two. I was blown away by the FBI and what Carissa did. Then when Alec found her, I was so blown away with her and how she was. I never would of thought of it, especially two. From there the story got better and better. The ending was great and left room for more if the author chose to.


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