Stealing Ula: A Fada Shapeshifter Prequel (The Fada Shapeshifters Series, #0.5) by Rebecca Rivard (Review by Valerie, #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Stealing Ula: A Fada Shapeshifter Prequel

Author: Rebecca Rivard

Published Date: December 6th 2016

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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The exciting prequel to a sexy new paranormal romance series from Rebecca Rivard, EPIC Awards Finalist for Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

The silver-eyed shifter from Portugal was up to something…

She’s an Irish Seer…

Irish shifter Ula has the Gift of Sight—but it’s more a curse than a blessing. Her erratic glimpses of the future have made her an outsider in her own clan, so she’s learned to keep her Gift locked away. But when a hard-eyed shifter from Portugal seeks lodging with her clan, her every instinct screams that he’s up to something—and she’s just the woman to discover what.

He’s a mercenary with a dark secret…

Nisio is a mercenary in Ireland on a covert job for the fae. The last thing he needs is to get entangled with a local, especially the daughter of a powerful alpha. He resolves to stay far away from Ula—no matter how much both he and his animal want the sexy Irishwoman.

But when things go very wrong, Ula and Nisio find themselves running for their lives from a powerful fae. Only Ula’s Sight can save them—but will the two of them find the key to unlocking her Gift in time?

Readers say:
“I devoured this book…”

“Rivard delivers another amazing story filled with fantastic mythological creatures and characters, a heart-touching love story that has you rooting for the couple, and an interesting storyline…”

Stealing Ula is a full-length paranormal romance novel, free of cliffhangers, with an HEA. For readers 18+ only.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie, #NerdGirlVal Review***
 Nisio is hired by the Ice Fae King to poison Lady Isleen and kidnapp her and bring her to the king. So Nisio befriends Chas Gallagan, Alpha of the Shannon clan and Ula’s Da. To carry out this mission, Nisio has to fit in and be some what trusted by Chas. What Nisio didn’t bank on, was falling for his only daughter, Ula.
Ula is a Seer and nobody has taught her how to use her gift. When she was 12, saw her Mam’s death and couldn’t predict when and where, so she blames herself for her Mam’s death. But as Ula is drawn to Nisio and he to her, he helps her to see that her gift is good and she just needs guidance to learn how to use it.
The Ice King teleports Ula and Nisio to some where to be punished for Nisio breaking his contract with the Ice King. Ula wasn’t suppose to be there, but she held onto Nisio and they both went. The Ice King surrounded them with a thick dark grey fog and told them if they can find their way home, the contract is broken, other wise they are his slaves. No problem, they will swim home. The only problem is that the fog takes away all their senses and they need them to find their way. Nisio encourages Ula to use her gift.
Rebecca Rivard is a new author to me. I have to say, she sure knows how to write a fantasy romance with very good taste. I really enjoyed this book and would like to get the rest of the series. She had me wanting more with all the surprises, sweet love scenes and mystery. There are parts that I didn’t see coming at all. This was a really good book!

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