Desert Jewel by Natalina Reis (Review by Shelly #NerdGirlXrayer)

Title: Desert Jewel

Author: Natalina Reis 

Published Date: October 29th 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy


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Rebellion brews inside Milenda’s heart as the date for the Trials approaches. As the heiress to the throne of Natale, she is forced to choose a consort from the survivors of the grueling quest across the desert.

Milenda’s heart belongs to Jaali and wants no part in the ancient and cruel ritual, but the Elders—the true rulers of Natale—will not back down.

Jaali was brought from the far North as a child slave. His only chance to be with the woman he loves is to volunteer for the Trials, no matter how dangerous or how much Milenda objects.

Together they begin their journey of discovery and rebellion against the Elders. But will their love be enough or will they lose everything they’ve fought for?

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***Shelly #NerdGirlXrayer Review***
 This is a great dystopian, fantasy read.
Melinda is a the heir to a throne and because of this she does not have any close friends. When she convinces her father to let her attend the University she meets Jaali. They become fast friends and soon have feelings for each other. They will share a rough road when Jaali discovers who Melinda truly is.

Ms. Reis did a phenomenal job of writing characters that captivating. Melinda and Jaali both have lonely pasts. They truly are soul mates. When Jaali decides to join the trials to win Melinda’s heart they are both in for a long trying time. Melinda had a heart of gold. She only wanted better times for all of her people. She vows to do what she can to change their lives but the Elders have other plans.

As the story unfolds and Melinda learns her abilities it makes for a angsty and romantic story as she tries to help Jaali through all the tribulations of the trial. This was a story that two people face their past, their future, their love and many trials and tribulations trying to keep them apart. Even though there was romance there was plenty of angst, heartbache, and nail biting moments to keep you turning the pages.

And just when you were signing for a HEA there is a twist at the end that will have you saying what the heck.


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