Thieves & Wizards (The Forlorn Dagger, #1) by Jaxon Reed (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)

Title: Thieves & Wizards (The Forlorn Dagger, #1)

Author: Jaxon Reed

Published Date: September 27th 2016

Genre: Fantasy


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Forged from the ore of a fallen star, the Forlorn Dagger absorbs all magic. Ideal for assassinating wizards, it’s been missing for centuries until it shows up in the library of a mysterious collector. Now an exceptional thief has stolen it.

A young princess endures harsh training to become the ultimate weapon of war: a battlemaiden. And a crown prince snatched from a bloody palace coup is raised in secrecy while a wizard grooms him for the day he reclaims the throne. When a rogue wizard sends an army to recover the Forlorn Dagger, they unite in an attempt to thwart evil, defeat dark magic, and save the realm

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
It’s not very often that I read a book that reminds me so thoroughly of why I love reading to begin with. This is one of those books. I can enjoy reading almost any book but stories like Thieves and Wizards are those that can give any person a love for reading. The characters are fantastic, whether a main contributor to the story or an extra just for a scene, they are all well written. I love the idea that every person has a little magic ability. The story is really character driven for this initial book with just a little dose of the bigger plot to come and some great action. I read the story in under 5 hours because I just could not tear myself away from the people and world. I am really excited for what happens next! The author sent me this book and this is my honest review.


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