Talent (Descended from Myth #2) by Erin McFadden (Review by #NerdGirlKat)

Title: Talent (Descended from Myth #2) 

Author: Erin McFadden

Published Date: November 30th 2015

Genre: Fantasy


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Porter McGavin spends his nights lost in shattered memories of blood, sand, and ammunition, and his days struggling to hold together the tattered shreds of his life. The combat veteran is barely surviving his battle scars when he’s offered a chance to once again have a future with purpose, as a member of The Brotherhood of Guardians, an ancient group of warriors sworn to protect the mortal descendants of Muses. No more struggling to get by, no more fighting to fit in, Porter readily accepts a new way of life. But when he’s thrust into the role of Claire Montgomery’s Watcher, shadows from his past threaten to plunge them both into darkness.

Claire can’t shake the mistrust she holds for the Guardians. Too many were responsible for the years she lived in confinement and forced isolation. When new threats arise, she knows she needs protection, but will she be able to accept any Watcher, let alone one as damaged as Porter?

Forced to confront the secrets haunting them both, can they learn to trust each other before the Guardians fall?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlKat’s  Review***
Oh mi Muse! I was so excited to catch back up to Anna and Daniel that I dove head first into this mesmerizing story. In this book Anna and Daniel were a bit more of background characters. Allowing Claire and our new literary Hunk to takeover the center stage. There are still glimpses of Anna and Daniel so you get to keep track of what they are doing. Claire thinks she is broken and that her gift is nowhere near as helpful as Anna’s. Being over playing the third wheel, they begin the process to find her, her own Watcher. Porter has amnesia and feels broken himself suffering from PTSD. I loved how Mrs. McFadden was able to catch the struggle people with invisible illnesses endure on their road to recovery. After an attack on the Sanctum the two are paired up unexpectedly. Claire isn’t sure how she can deal with him after their gruff introduction. Porter is a soldier through and through, committed to the mission. Can these two help fix each other? Or will they find out they are toxic to the other? Get your copy and find out NOW!! =^~.~^=


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