Another Place by Will Fawley (Review by Katie, #NerdGirlKtlbly)

Title: Another Place

Author: Will Fawley

Published Date: October 13, 2016

Genre: Fiction Anthology


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Worldly and otherworldly creatures look for love in some of the right places.
The leader of a grassroots uprising defies zer family and the pharmaceutical corporation they own.
A young woman leaves a very real part of herself behind to find freedom.
Curiosity grips and young man who feels socially disruptive desire for the first time.
An Irish house fairy remembers old magic to find her way home.
And more…
This collection of short stories set in both known and unknown locales explores the nature of love, desire, sexuality and gender through narrative and speculative fiction. Our assumptions about humanity as gendered and sexual beings are thrown into sharp relief by otherworldly settings allowing what we take for granted to be explored in other contexts. In a world in which anything is possible, what happens to constructions of love and gender? How do we negotiate freedom and identity in differing social settings? All of these stories grapple with these important issues, and more, in disruptive, enlightening narratives.

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***Katie, #NerdGirlKTLBLY Review***

I wouldn’t say that every story was my cup of tea, but I did enjoy the majority of them. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, but even I thought most of the stories weren’t bad. There were a few that I was really enjoying and was disappointed because they were so short and ended abruptly. I wanted to read more but it had moved on to something else. But of course, there were a few that I had trouble getting into, and didn’t like as much as the others. There were many different authors and each story had their own particular voice so no two stories were similar, which made them all entertaining in their own unique way. They all had the central theme of coming into your own and figuring out who you are and your sexuality. There were poems, there were very short stories, there were longish stories, there were robots, there were aliens, there were LGBT elements, and paranormal elements, just a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for some short interesting stories then I’d give it a try.

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