The Sand Prince: An Epic Fantasy Novel (The Demon Door Book 1) by Kim Alexander (Review by Shelley, #NerdGirl

Title: The Sand Prince

Author: Kim Alexander

Published Date:June 28th 201

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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International bestselling author, Kim Alexander presents book one of the epic fantasy saga that brings action and adventure to a new level.
Two worlds, bound by magic, divided by a door.
On the war-ravaged demon world of Eriis, Hellne, the fierce young queen, fights to keep her people alive…
On the green and gentle human world of Mistra, the demons have faded into myth. Only a handful of old men and children still guard The Door between the worlds…
Rhuun, the Prince of Eriis, uncovers a forgotten book written by a human, sparking an obsession with the other world. When he is forced to flee Eriis, he must escape through The Door or pay the price in blood.
The humans of Mistra are not what Rhuun was expecting—and one insufferable young woman in particular is about to find out that the demons of Eriis are not mythological after all…
In Kim Alexander’s debut novel she weaves a witty, epic fantasy brimming with diverse characters and plenty of intrigue.
Praise for The Sand Prince:
“…two dimensions, countless incredible characters, and an epic storyline that is sure to span into a fantastic series.” The Library Nerdette
“I suspect I’ll end up buying a copy before book two comes out so I can reread book one and start building up this series on my bookcase.” Only The Books For Me”
…it’s both epic in scale and witty in tone. That’s a hard mix to pull off, but such a pleasure to read.” Flights Of Fantasy
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***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelley, #NerdGirlRed Review***
I received a copy of this story while it was free on Amazon from the author. My review is my honest opinion of the book.
The Sand Prince was an interesting story to read. I like the combination of two worlds and how the author developed the main relationship. While Hellne and Malloy are secondary characters, the entire series is due to their relationship and the author never loses track of that over the time span and story changes. Each world is unique in its own right as well as the beings inhabiting them. I found it engaging as I tried to discern whether the world of Mistra developed into a world like our own through the years but I can’t be certain. I love how close the world mimics ours but leaves it to the reader to decide. The world of Eriis, however, is completely foreign and well developed as a new intriguing world to explore. I know the author has plans for the current series but her world building skills leave so much availability in discovering Eriis through the eyes and experiences of other characters. The story is not action packed but the characters are enough to keep involved in the story. I look forward to where the story leads.
One note, this story continues in future books. It is a cliffhanger ending but not a suspenseful one and book 2 The Heron Prince is already available on Amazon!

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