Girl on a Swing by Bella Roccaforte (Review by Gladys, #NerdgirlOfficial)

Title: Girl on a Swing

Author: Bella Roccaforte

Published Date: December 21st 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Sometimes the road love takes a detour…

It’s been 10 years since Wren’s parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her and her brother behind. Wren’s life has been spiraling downward ever since. She’s trapped in an abusive marriage, her career as an artist has never had a chance to flourish, and all of her hope is gone. If she doesn’t break away from all that’s dragging her down, she’s afraid she’ll never escape it.

She turns to her lifelong friend, Maddox, the only person who’s been there for her through it all. He helps her understand her own strength so she can finally begin making bold changes in her life. But falling in love with him was never part of the plan.

When their forbidden relationship jeopardizes everything Wren has worked for, will anyone be left standing by her side?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Gladys, #NerdGirlOfficial #XoXoTheNerdGirl Review***
 Girl on the Swing is not the first book I have read by Bella Roccaforte and even though she is writing in a different genre, her writing remains strong and edgy. Her talent remarkable. Bella used a very strong voice in this novel, one that we can relate to.

Loss. Abuse. Career failure.

Friendship. Understanding. LOVE.

Seven words. Seven compelling and emotionally tangible words that haunt us or maybe a friend you know. Each word is tied together in a beautifully crafted bow.

Wren’s story guts you and makes you feel so many emotions. It unlocks feelings you often tuck deep within your soul. Bella strips you bear and then gently dresses you with careful hands. If you read this book a don’t catch a feel then your heart is on a shelf collecting dust.

Welcome back Bella. Take a bow as we clap in your triumph.

5 Stars. If I could give it a few more, I would do so eagerly!

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