Heir to Gold and Ashes by Ashley R.N. Hay (Review by #NerdGirlDezzy)

Title: Heir to Gold and Ashes

Author: Ashley R.N. Hay

Published Date: October 20th 2016

Genre: Young Adult


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When Charlotte calls off work as an ER nurse to take a rainy day drive with her husband, she never expected her world would be flipped upside down. She loses her beloved in a horrific car accident and nearly loses her own life in the process. She thought the worst thing she would endure as a young widow would be emotional trauma. Then, the demon attacked.

Los Angeles is now teeming with witches, vampires, and monsters as an unknown dark force begins to take over. After Charlotte is rescued by the mysterious Sky, the two team up with the elusive fae, who seem innocent enough … at first. Charlotte begins to question her own family heritage and discovers abilities within herself that appear to have lain dormant until now.

Charlotte must learn to battle the pressing forces of evil while fighting to keep her soul intact in the process. During her quest to understand her birthright, her frightening powers take her to the darkest of places, and unexpected emotions threaten everything she thought she knew about herself. Charlotte is prepared to battle creatures of the underworld and endarkened witches, but will love prove to be the greatest danger of all?

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***Elizabeth, #NerdGirlDezzy Review***

Ashley Hay has created an amazing horror fantasy book with such amazing characters. Heir to Gold and Ashes has just about every awesome fantasy creature you could ask for. Vampires, demons, witches, FAE!!!! I loved the mixture. It wasn’t overwhelming but just enough to get your feet wet with each one. Ashley hooked me from the first page and kept my interest through the entire book. There was never a dull moment. As a dark force begins to take over, Charlotte teams up with Sky and discovers that she has abilities that she never knew she had. So many twists and turns took place and I loved it. If you love creepy creatures, dark and mysterious Fae, and all things fantasy, I truly recommend you read Heir to Gold and Ashes!

Now, when does book two come out Ashley?

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