Grave Measures (The Grave Report #2) by R.R. Virdi (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Grave Measures (The Grave Report #2)

Author: R.R. Virdi 

Published Date: April 15th 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Detective Thriller


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What do shadows darting across the walls, cryptic writing, black fog, and a little girl who can see ghosts have in common? Paranormal investigator and soul without a body, Vincent Graves, has forty-four hours to find out.

To make matters worse, his years of body-hopping and monster-hunting are catching up with him. He’s losing his mind. An old contact has shut him out. To top it all off, something’s skulking through an asylum, killing patients.

Three guesses who might be next, and the first two don’t count. The writing on the wall is not so clear. But one thing is: if he doesn’t figure this out he’s a dead man—well, deader—and a strange young girl might follow. Vincent’s got his back against a wall, and that wall’s crumbling.

Some days it’s not worth it to wake up in someone else’s body


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie -#NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Again R.R. Virdi wrote a book that has you at the edge of your seat, turning the next page as fast as you can. Mystery, Suspense and some action comes to life in this fantastic book. Who can beat that and with Monsters and ghosts to boot.
Vincent Graves’ body this time ends up in an Asylum in a straight jacket with the name of Charles. As he walked around to get a feel of the place, a scream rang out and he headed for it. On the way he meets a little girl named Lizzie. Lizzie has a special talent with ghost’s. They become friends and before Charles knows it, she is helping him fight monsters. She has lost everybody, her parents and her sister, who is trapped in the asylum some where. They have to call on her friends to help free her sister and fight shadow monsters.
Later as Charles is walking down the hall, he can’t believe who he see’s. Can it be? Will she put two and two together and figure out who he really is? And if so, will she keep his secret? Yes, it’s Ortiz and she is there recovering from 6 months prior working with Vincent. This doesn’t set well with him. Guilt knots up his stomach and he hopes she won’t want to help this time, wrong! He should of known better.
So the three of them set out to find out what kind of monster they are dealing with. As they track it down, they follow it into the nerevene and see why the monster is making it look like the patients are dying from a heart attack and not the monster or so it seems. They run into trouble more than once, but work together and fight. Vincent learns a few things on this case and is going to regret his deal that he made in the near future.
Looking forward to the next book to see what happens next!


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