The Tower Below (The Morus Chronicles #3) by J.R. Roper (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)


Title: The Tower Below (The Morus Chronicles #3)

Author: J.R. Roper

Published Date: December 2nd 2016

Genre:  YA Fantasy


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Book Three of the Morus Chronicles

Now a trained treasure hunter, Ethan Morus finds himself and his closest companions on the run. The Dark. The Light. Even the police are hunting for him. The loss of the Spirit of Steel proved what most believed all along, that a trained treasure hunter is more dangerous than the Dark itself. To set the world right again, Ethan must find an artifact so powerful, the details remain secret to even the highest ranking wizards and alvar.

As Ethan’s enemies grow in power, the world continues to darken. He knows he must locate the ancient artifact, but fears the impact of its terrible power in the wrong hands. Will the temptation be too much for his most trusted allies to resist? Join Ethan on his most dangerous adventure yet, and stay by his side as the Dark spreads terror and despair. Can the fading Light beat back the darkness? Or is all hope lost?

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
The Tower Below is packed with emotion, action, and suspense that left me eagerly anticipating what will become of my favorite hero and his friends.
If you’ve read The Morus Chronicles to this point, you know that J.R. Roper weaves a magical tale with expert precision. He has a unique ability to bring the elements of myth, fantasy, and reality together to create a captivating story for people of all ages. The Tower Below is no different. This story kept me guessing about who would do what and how it would all unravel or come together. I love getting lost in a book and I was absolutely engulfed in this one; complete with nail biting and talking out loud to myself and anyone who would listen. There is nothing about this story that isn’t awesome. I love how Mel and Ethan are changing through the series. I love Destry’s feistiness, her humor, and strength. Oh! As a reader, I love the lesson about the portals. It is truly a unique addition to this fantastic world created by the author. It is an ingenious mode of travel! The best things about this story, and the other books in The Morus Chronicles, are all the little details.


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