The Gaiad (LOGOS #1) by William Burcher (Review by Shelly -#NerdGirlXrayer)


Title: The Gaiad (LOGOS #1)

Author: William Burcher 

Published Date: January 16th 2016

Genre: Science Fiction


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In a society increasingly buried under the weight of its own insularity, an ancient and shadowy group selfishly guards a secret with the power to change everything. Tonight, on a stage in front of thousands, one of their members commits a horrible, shocking act. In the audience is Detective Fleur Romano. Bitter and world-weary, she vows to uncover the reasons behind the horror she just witnessed. In the process, she’ll discover that she’s led her lonely life ignorant a fundamental truth, a truth first discovered by a man who walked the earth millennia ago, a man mysteriously familiar

In this powerful debut, William Burcher is willing to explore unique and fantastic themes with realism and grit. The GAIAD boldly poses big questions. What do we lose, as we separate ourselves from the earth and each other? What would the future hold, if suddenly something changed with that most fundamental of relationships—the one we have with our own planet?

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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
Be prepared to be drawn into present and past in this story and it is a wild ride.

When this story starts we meet detective Fleur Romano. As she deals with her day job she is also having bizarre dreams. As she witnesses the horrible death of a performer her life as she knows it will change. She is introduced to a a society that she will soon learns holds the answers to her dreams. Life as she knows it is not what it seemed.

The things that made drew me in, kept me turning the pages and loving Mr. Burcher’s writing was how realistic it was. As one point in the story, during the past portion, there was a stampede of wild animals. This part was written so well you could feel the tremble of the earth, hear the thunder of hooves, see the fear in their eyes and smell the sweat of the animals. It was like you were standing right in the middle of the stampede.

As this intricate story is weaved you see the way life was over 25,000 years ago compared to today. This secret society is one that makes you think about how life has evolved. It will make you think about survival in the past and present and how society’s culture has changed and how we treat “mother”.

This was an interesting read. I loved how descriptive the story is because it transports you right to each period of time. This is a story that is hard to explain but is the type that you tell your friends “You just need to read it and you will love it.”


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