The Kura by Mary Patterson Thornburg (Review by Cassandra -#NerdGirlLola)


Title: The Kura

Author: Mary Patterson Thornburg 

Published Date: April 17th 2015

Genre: Romantic Fantasy (adult/YA/NA crossover) Social Science Fiction


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Alyssha Dodson, a mixed-race girl from Indiana, daughter of a widowed white janitor, has just graduated from high school. Six years ago, running from pursuers bent on violence, she hid under a bridge, crawled into a dark opening – and found herself in Bandor, another country in another universe.

The months she spent there were the happiest of her life, but when she returned, she promised her father she wouldn’t go back. She’s kept that promise.

Now, though, the hit-and-run victim she finds dying on a Granville street is a man she met in that other world, and his family won’t know what happened to him unless she tells them. So she really has no choice, does she?

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***Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola’s  Review***
The Kura is absolutely captivating. Spanning multiple genres this book will find its place with young and older readers alike.

This book is about a parallel universe and the girl who finds it by accident. The author did a phenomenal job of creating a world so different yet so relatable to our own. The world of Arete is going through its Industrial Revolution which means things are changing. The book eloquently describes the struggles of a world trying to find its place in the universe.

Alyssha is a character any girl could look up to. Not unlike Arete, she too is trying to find her place and she knows it’s not in Indiana. Strong and intelligent, she knows what fate has in store for her and she meets in head on.

Over all The Kura is a wondrous book. Beautifully written with engaging characters and a magnificent world, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.


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