The Coming Darkness (Romantic Bloodlust #2) by Kitten K. Jackson (Review by Melanie V””V #NerdGirlVamp)


Title: The Coming Darkness (Romantic Bloodlust #2)

Author:  Kitten K. Jackson

Published Date: June 12th 2016

Genre:  Erotic Vampire Romance


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The devious Michael has left town, so instead of worrying about his insidious intentions, Cam and Melanie can focus on their romance… or maybe not.
Michael’s chance meeting with a vampire from Cam’s past provides the perfect opportunity for him to make another play for Melanie. Though Michael’s plan of betrayal implodes, Cam’s impropriety causes Melanie to seek retribution in the only way she knows how.
Will Cam’s shattered heart survive Melanie’s plot for vengeance? Can their love overcome a pain so great that it sends one of them over the edge?
A vampire without humanity is lethal and unrelenting.
The darkness has come.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie  – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This is the sequel to Forever Camden and I would definitely recommend reading that book first.

Following on from the first book this pretty much had the awesome things I have come to expect in Kitten’s writing. Dark, sexy, and things that appeal to those that like reading things a little more unconventional in their romance, vampire romance or otherwise.

This story is great, but I have to confess that for me personally it didn’t hit me as hard as some of Kitten’s other work, although that could be because I recently finished Keeping Secrets III and I don’t think anything could top that. There were just a few parts that felt a little less original than in some of her other books, but then I am probably a WAY harsher critic than most having read so many vampire novels.

Don’t get me wrong though, although definitely not a story for everybody, if you like your vampires sexy and erotic then this is definitely a series to pick up!

4 1/2 rounded up to 5 well earned stars from me.



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