Alexa Crushed (Alexa #1) by T.R. Cupak (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Alexa Crushed (Alexa #1) 

Author: T.R. Cupak 

Published Date: May 19th 2015

Genre: New Adult


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Alexa Morgan lost her mother when she was two. At eighteen, her father and stepmother died when a devastating earthquake hit the Bay Area. Only one person has remained a constant in her life: Devin.

Devin has been Alexa’s best friend since childhood. The two are inseparable – or they were until Devin declared his love for her at sixteen. When Alexa can offer him only friendship in return, Devin retreats, brokenhearted.

Alexa, on the other hand, longs for Ethan, the boy next door. Four years older than her, and with an ever-changing roster of girlfriends, Ethan is everything Devin isn’t: wild, sensual, and unpredictable.

In the aftermath of the deadly earthquake, Ethan makes his move on Alexa, who reciprocates in a confused whirl of grief and desire. When Ethan leaves town the next day, Devin comes back into Alexa’s life, offering support and expecting nothing in return.

Alexa begins to see the advantages of Devin’s quiet, stable love. Can she get past the friendship hang-up while trying to forget bad boy Ethan? It’s a choice that changes her life forever.


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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
Grief and tragedy surround Alexa.  Her mother died when she was young and then an earthquake in her town rocks her world again taking her father and stepmother with it.  She has the comfort of her next door neighbor Ethan.  BUT Ethan doesn’t stick around and Devin her best friends saves the day.
Alexa has to learn to grieve, love, let go and breath all at on time.  T R Cupak has delicately handled the tragedy of loss and the heartbreak of first love.  This coming of age book has all the right elements to survive in this genre.  The characters are three-dimensional, and they have some relatable URRRGGGGHHHH moments.
I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you and give you 4 Stars!!!


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