Lucky Blow by Amanda Washington (Review by Valerie -#NerdGirlVal)


Title: Lucky Blow

Author: Amanda Washington 

Published Date:  September 27th 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy


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My day started in an upside-down race against the clock. No joke, at the stroke of midnight, I was suspended midair with my feet up and head down, looking over a room full of priceless artifacts. I’d tell you this isn’t my norm, but I’m not a liar, just a thief.

Thanks to the deities in her family tree, Romi has been enslaved to a life of larceny since birth. Well, except for that one night, four years ago, when the goddess of love and debauchery sprang her from her prison, slipped her some sort of magical roofie, and introduced her to an irresistible blacksmith for a little tryst resulting in a child. So when two powerful gods show up and offer her a way out of her thieving lifestyle for good, she jumps at the opportunity. All she has to do is blow on a magical sword and imbue it with luck.

Then she can finally find that guy she’s been dreaming about and introduce him to their son. If only she knew the blacksmith’s name…

But when the same gods use the sword to rip Zeus’s essence from his body, Romi’s son is kidnapped and held for ransom. Now Romi, her mysterious fling, and her teenage griffin babysitter have to steal back Zeus’s essence from a cast of powerful gods, or they’ll lose the child forever.

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***Valerie -#NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Amanda Washington is a new author to me and I really liked this book and her work. Even though she left me hanging at the end, she held my attention and kept me wanting more. This book is exciting, full of suspense, mystical, some parts have you on the edge of your seat and fun to read.
Greek Gods are at it again and messing with Zeus. They tore him into 5 pieces and are hiding them. Romi, is a contracted thief for her father. He can make her do anything he wants. But one day she was offered a way out by two of the God’s, of that contract and she took it. Now with son in toe, she is off to find his father who the boy has never meet. Romi is a demigod and has the power of luck and a few other things. She was given a griffin when her son was born to be his nanny and they are family together.
While trying to tell Demarco that he has a son, one of the gods came and took the boy. For Romi to get him back, she has to find all 5 parts of Zeus and give them back in exchange for her son. So Romi, Demarco and Tweety (the griffin) set out to get information and find who has the 5 pieces. They are lead on an adventure that is dangerous and exciting at the same time. Romi has to learn to trust Demarco and work as a team.
The book ends after they find the first one and leaves you hanging to the rest. If you have enjoyed this book like I have, then you are looking forward to book 2.


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