The Grove by Elizabeth Guizzetti (Review by Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine)


Title: The Grove

Author: Elizabeth Guizzetti

Published Date: July 12th 2016

Genre: Fantasy


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Sitka’s Quay appears to be like every other coastal tourist town on Highway 101, but lurking below its southern grove of ancient spruce are three sleeping primordial gods. For an eon, their bloodthirsty dreams have radiated into the ground and restore anyone who walks within the Grove. The Keeper, Dayla Fischer, must remain in control of her magical abilities or fall into sickening madness, but lives a relatively quiet life with her husband, Oliver.

That is, until the delusional, but charming Jonah Leifson comes to town with a plan to awaken the Three. Soon, children begin disappearing. With powerful suggestion spells and mind reading abilities, Jonah wins over other sorcerers, meth users, the police, and eventually even her husband. Though no one believes her and she doubts her own sanity, she must stop Jonah, before he wakes the Three and brings about the end of the world.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine Review***
Outstanding! Elizabeth is a #NewToMe author, but I’m so glad I took this book!
This book really drew me in by the blurb, but when I started reading I was hooked. Dayla is such a great character and her connection to the magic is strong, and I really liked how the author detailed her struggle with it and reality. I really enjoyed how that brought a realistic element to the story, because someone as strong as her would like have struggles trying to balance the call of the magic with living a mundane life, especially with her husband who’s magic is much tamer then hers.
Jonah was another character which I enjoyed because I felt her really fit into that grey area of both good and bad. I understood his perspective as we went through the story but I also saw where he was wrong. I think any of us would want to fix the world and stop the death and sorrow of people if we thought we could, but unleashing the old gods would not be the best option.
Overall this story had all the things I love in a fantasy novel including lore, great characters, engaging plot, and some really funny additions. I really loved the relationship between Dayla and Oliver, and their cat Dragon. Also, the gnomes were hilarious and also made me want to have some living with me, because they gave such good advice! Well done! I hope to read more by this author in the future! Very very engaging!


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