Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor #3) by K.C. Lynn (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor #3)

Author: K.C. Lynn

Published Date: September 10th 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Faith ~ 
Cade Walker is like no man I’ve ever met before. He’s cynical, brooding, mysterious and, most of all, damaged. He’s a man who declares he’s broken, and one who detests the two very things I live for most: God and love. Yet, I’ve still fallen completely in love with him because I also see the good, something that no one else ever has. I see a man who is strong, silent, honorable and beautiful. He’s a man who is now scarred just as badly on the outside of his body as he is on the inside, all because of me. One who endured severe torture in order to save me from what would be the worst thing I will ever experience in my entire life. He is a man I call my dark angel, one who will have my heart until the end of time, even if I can never have his.

Cade ~ At fifteen years old I lost the only person that ever mattered to me, and the day I lost my little sister in the most vile way was the exact moment I stopped living and only existed. That’s until ten years later, when I walked into an open field in Iraq to hear the most incredible voice I would ever hear in my life. One that rooted me to my spot, and ended up belonging to the most beautiful woman in the world. The only woman to ever make me feel something again, something that I thought was dead inside of me. And no matter how badly I wanted to keep her, I knew I couldn’t. Not with what I have lurking inside of me. It’s something I’ve always kept hidden. That is, until the day I unleashed it on the people who dared to hurt her. It was the one thing that gave me the strength to save us, but it was also the one thing that would remind me of why I could never have her.

Now two years later, the one girl I never thought I would ever see again, the one I have spent my days and nights craving like an addict, walks back into my life unexpectedly, giving us both the shock of our lives. And when the time comes that she needs me again, I no longer resist. Before I know it, I’m pulled into a life I thought I could never have, one that scares the shit out of me but it’s one I’m realizing I want. There is just one problem. One very big problem… She lives for the very thing I loathe, and the one thing that killed my sister… God.


Here it is. The most anticipated book of the Men Of Honor Series, the one you have all been waiting for: Cade and Faith’s story. Resisting Temptation is Book Three in the Men Of Honor Series. It is an HEA with no cliffhanger.

WARNING: This book deals with mature subject matter such as coarse language, sexual situations, and abuse. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This is the darkest book yet, and is centered around loss, love and finding oneself. Religion plays a very big part in this book – the good and the bad. If this is a subject you are sensitive about then this might not be the book for you.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
If I could just say I LOVE KC LYNN or READ ALL HER BOOKS, in a review I would. Her writing is beautiful in its simplicity but it also has the twists and turns to rival any suspense or romance author. I have referred to Maya Banks KGI Series on previous reviews to compare her Man of Honor series and this book is no different. It is as masterfully done as Mrs Banks!!
This series ties in the first two books in the series and completes the whole tragic occurrence in Iraq. In fact, Faith and Cade’s story begins there. In this book, Cade’s past comes into light. It explains why he is so dark and brooding. He is the most emotionally scarred of the trio but is still one of the most loyal. Cade’s sister’s death and his lack of faith in God is paramount to the story. Especially since he has been reunited unwittingly with Faith who is the love he thinks he can’t have and a child of a devout Christian. Resisting Temptation has a few subplots and everything that occurs in this book will make you cry your eyes out.
If you read the first two books and thought they were tear jerkers, get a TWO boxes of tissues and settle in bed. You will really be in for it!!
5 Stars and a Salute!!!


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