Shattered (House of Crimson and Clover 0.9) by Sarah M. Cradit (Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)


Title: Shattered (House of Crimson and Clover 0.9)

Author: Sarah M. Cradit 

Published Date: February 6th 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Anasofiya Deschanel fled to Maine to escape her demons. She learned quickly, and violently, that you cannot run from what’s inside you.

Following a series of unfortunate events, Ana finds herself drowning in the consequences of her actions, as her heart dangles between the hearts of the St. Andrews brothers. Jon’s understanding darkness threatens to consume her, while Finn’s kind heart reminds her of a goodness she does not feel she deserves. Between all three of them lies a secret with the potential to change everything.

When the truth comes crashing down, Ana is forced to face the same demons she once ran from. As she learns more about where she came from, these realizations drive her to a desperate decision that will change everyone’s lives, forever.

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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
The more I read the more I crave, as I continue to read each book in this series. Yet again Sarah has done what she always does. She out does herself in every way with each book.

In this installment we continue with Ana’s story. Picking up where we left off, after the events of the storm. Ana finds herself trapped in a love triangle with the St. Andrews brothers, Jon and Finn.

Jon is your typical bad boy of the story. The guy most women swoon over in a story. He’s dark, mysterious, twisted and edgy. I myself could see him being a good match for Ana. I will admit I even found myself cheering for them as a couple in the last book. They appear to me as an even match.

Then you have Finn. The golden boy. The good brother. He’s caring, attentive, sweet, compassionate and the perfect paragon of good. He is absolutely head over heels in love with her and certainly proves to be the light Ana so desperately seeks. Yet again I can see these two as a perfect match.

Triangles… Frustrating!! Lol

Now in this book Ana has a lot of self loathing and doubt going on. Due to her shady like past she continues to doubt herself. She believes she is not worthy of love and is not good enough for Finn. Something I believe every woman on earth can relate to. This story portrays a very subtle life lesson. Not only about self discovery, but about ones self growth. The journey in which Ana embarks on is one not to be missed!

I absolutely can NOT get enough of this series. I always find myself wanting more! The unique writing style of Ms. Cradit is astonishing. She captivates her readers. She draws you in and keeps your attention. She captivates you with every word on each page. You become submerged into her stories as if they are your own. The characters are beautifully rendered. She wrote them in such a way that they become family to you. You find yourself caring about them as if they are apart of your life. I can not stress enough how incredible this author truly is and just how astounding this book is.

A MUST read!! HIGHLY recommended! As always I tip my hat to you Ms. Cradit! 5 stars across the board!!


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