Farewell Apathy (Farewell Apathy #1) by Jenn Hype (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Farewell Apathy (Farewell Apathy #1)

Author:  Jenn Hype 

Published Date: June 2nd 2016

Genre: Suspenseful Romance, NA,


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The world is a scary place, even when you know who you are, where you come from and most importantly, who your enemies are.

So imagine how I felt when I woke up inside of Mayford Mental Institution, strapped to a bed in a dark, empty room with no recollection of how I got there. Try to picture having no family or friends to help you try to remember and adjust to a totally new life.

If only my problems stopped there. If only I didn’t have someone trying to torment me at every turn. If only my life didn’t become more and more complicated the more I started to remember.

It started out okay enough – my friend-turned-psychiatrist Mark found me a job and a place to live. My neighbor Keegan took me in under her wing and helped me adjust. Wyatt, a dark, brooding and dangerously sexy new tenant moved in the day after me, taking on the task of reminding me what blinding lust feels like.

What goes up, must come down, and as soon as life starts to feel like something I can handle, the gravity of my messed up life yanks me right back down on my ass. Kind of crazy how quickly you can go from being completely apathetic about your unknown future, to fearing that your future might not even exist at all…

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***Stephenee  – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I fell in love with author Jenn Hype’s first series (Pretending) it was fun, flirty, laugh out loud, almost pee your pants with excitement good….this book is NOTHING like those and it still works for the author and the reader! She is able to master this genre as well. Perhaps she is capable of writing in every genre…I would read them, as she seems to be a pro at the first few that she has written in…

This book grabs the readers attention right from the start when Brailey wakes up and has no idea where she is, who she is or what has happened to her. The only person that she may know is Mark, her therapist…but is he a good guy? or a bad guy? The author starts the book with a bang and never lets the reader come up for air. They must know what is happening next, what Brailey will remember and when….what Wyatt is up to and how he has infiltrated her life so easily. The reader will instantly see Keegan as a character that the author could have used in her other series (she doesn’t leave all of the laughter out). The reader will laugh, cry, yell, gasp and curse the author many times throughout this book and there is no way that reading it just once will be enough!

The reader becomes like a surrogate family to Brailey. They want to take her in and help her to find her way. They want to shake her until she is able to wake up and remember what has happened to her….it is a non-stop action filled adventure that leaves the reader guessing until the very end! The reader will be greedy once they reach the end too – they will instantly want more! The end of the book is really just the part where you get to start reading it all over again, and believe me you will want to!! You will zoom through this one so fast that you will have to read it again to pick up the minor things that you missed the first time through.

Be prepared to be shocked at the end and be prepared with some tissues….that is the most important things to know about this book….just be prepared and even when you think you are, you won’t be….Add this to your TBR list and find out the genius that is author Jenn Hype….


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