Guardians Of The Shifters by Shannon Schoolcraft (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: Guardians Of The Shifters

Author: Shannon Schoolcraft 

Published Date: May 12th 2016

Genre: Paranormal/YA


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Cora hasn’t always had the best life, bouncing from one foster care to another and having them think she’s weird. Her life was already set in motion the day she was born. But little did she know, that this life she grew up in is full of danger. One event sent Cora running with no place to go. That was until she met Caden, a green eyed, body like a god, panther shifter. With him, she learns that she’s his guardian and together they are stronger. Caden knows a secret about Cora and won’t tell her. There is only one small problem. A guardian and a shifter aren’t allowed to fall in love. Will Cora stay and break the rules or will she venture out on her own to keep Caden safe?

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
Cora had been shuffled from foster home to foster home after both of her parents have passed away. Once she turned 18, she runs away to Florida and stays in shelters until a woman named Carla and a minister come for her and tell her that she will be staying in the church with them. Cora just has odd jobs until one day after work, she goes to the church to see Carla dying from what seems to be a stab wound, and her saying that people are after her and to find a man named Caden. After getting chased by people and getting into a few fights she finds Caden, or really he finds her, and he takes her to a secret base to help keep her safe. There she finds out that she is a guardian and her role in life is to keep Caden safe. She also finds out that he is a panther shifter and she needs to train to fight bad people who want to kill shifters like Caden and everyone else at the base.
While I did enjoy this story, there were a few things I had issues with. I didn’t like how “insta-lovey” the characters were almost as soon as they met. There were also a few interesting plot points that come up but are either never really resolved or just not brought up later at all. Also some of the characters names were so similar that I got confused by who some of the people were supposed to be at time. However it is still enjoyable at parts and I did laugh and enjoy some of the banter between some of the characters.


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