Gifted (The Gilded Shackle Book 1) by C.T. Griffith (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)


Title: Gifted (The Gilded Shackle Book 1)

Author: C.T. Griffith 

Published Date: November 1st 2015

Genre: Fantasy


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Teine, a young Human slave, mourns the end of his personal goals and dreams when he is gifted to the son of an unstable, yet influential, Aoife lord. Like his ancestors before him, Teine must learn to navigate the complex politics of the long-lived, powerful and wealthy Aoife, the ruling class of The Empyrean. Surrounded now by an ever expanding world steeped in awakening magic, divided loyalties and hidden dangers, he can’t begin to imagine the adventure his life is about to become…

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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
Gifted (The Gilded Shackle Book 1) by C.T. Griffith is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and pagan folklore. Don’t be fooled by the cover as I was, Gifted is not a children’s or young adult book. While advanced readers in those age groups could read the words, more mature readers will better understand the complex plot and themes.

Gifted is set on another world that is filled with magic and lore. This world is ruled by Empyreans who have enslaved the humans after they arrived on this planet. Ms. Griffith’s descriptive writing provides wonderfully rich settings that are easy to visualize while reading. The plot is action-packed, and the tension builds throughout the story. The ample plot twists kept my engaged. Ms. Griffith has interspersed this complex political tale with a few touching moments and some humor; however, it is mostly a tale of political power struggle with a very large cast of characters.

The massive cast of characters all have imaginative, and impossible to pronounce, names that are sure to delight avid fantasy fans. I am sure each of those names was mispronounced in my mind while I was reading! The main character, Tiene, is a young adult human male who is spared castration when his master, Aoife, decides that Tiene would make a good stud. Yes, the life of a slave can be dicey! Tiene and his compatriots are all wonderfully developed; it is easy to empathize with their situation and the political maze they must navigate while serving the ruling class.

Ms. Griffith has plans for a nine book series that is sure to be an epic Fantasy tale of adventure. Fans of Sarah M. Cradit’s The House of Crimson and Clover series are sure to enjoy Ms. Griffith’s fantasy series as well.


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