Divided Heart: Queens of Kings Book 2 (Queens of Kings #2) by LaQuette (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

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Title: Divided Heart: Queens of Kings Book 2 (Queens of Kings #2) 

Author:  LaQuette 

Published Date: February 19th 2015

Genre: Contemporary Erotica


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The last two years of Heart MacKenzie Searlington’s life have been a constant forward motion of change. She’s been promoted to NYPD captain of the seventy-fourth precinct in Brooklyn, a job she never wanted, but is slowly finding her way through with the help of a dedicated second in command and a house full of exemplary officers.

Married to the sexy and powerful mogul, Kenneth Searlington, Heart is living all of the dreams she never knew to ask for before she fell in love with the man that stole her heart. Although Kenneth bathes her in his love and devotion, insecurities from the past still haunt her and cast a dark veil over their union.

Kenneth Searlington knows only one thing, he worships his wife. He has a singular purpose: to love her as hard as he can for the rest of their lives and to neutralize any threat that dares to come up against them. But how does he protect them when that threat comes from the woman he loves?

Thrown by a devastating loss, Heart allows pain and despair to drive a wedge so large between them they may never be able to recover. Pushed beyond his limits, excluded and taken for granted, Kenneth has to decide whether to allow darker urges to control him, or to use his rage to fight for the one thing he adores, Heart.

Can they mend the rift, or will a divided heart end their legendary love?

**Warning: This book contains explicit sexual situations and descriptions of sexual acts and is intended for readers 18+. Reader discretion advised.**

**This is a series and the books are intended to be read in chronological order.**


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Gladys- #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***

An outstanding follow-up to LaQuette’s first book “Heart of The Matter”.  This book begins two years after the power couple were married.  And we still follow Heart and Kenneth Sterling’s story closely.   Heart has been promoted, and she is still learning her the way of the land.  Being the captain of a prescient in the NYPD has her insecure, BUT not as vulnerable as she feels with her relationship with Kenneth. Old demons still haunt her and are getting in the way of their love.


Kenneth showers her with affection in an entirely steamy way, but there is without a doubt that a huge part of his heart belongs to her.  If not all in their flourishing relationship.  Just like in the first book, Kenneth will do anything to prove his love for her!  She, on the other hand, is her worst enemy.  Jealousy aside, Kenneth tries his best to push through.


The characters in this book are just as dynamic as they were in the first book.  I find LaQuette’s writing fascinating and witty.  Regardless of the fact that our Alpha male is married to a tough NY Captain, we still feel his top of the food chain pull.  The plot line is realistic, and their marriage woes are relatable.


4 Stars and a tip of the Nerd Girl hat!!  <3 Her!!!


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