The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien by David Jordan (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien

Author: David Jordan 

Published Date: March 16th 2016

Genre: Fiction


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Steeped in Irish mythology, these stories bristle with singular imagination and exude style and narrative prowess. Playful and ingenious, they are a fresh new voice in Irish literature – one that captivates and enthralls with ease. So watch out. The gods are back…

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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***

This was a amazing book. I love the fantasy the imagery and the timeless folklore that David Jordan’s creativity has spun into this story. I couldn’t put it down for a second! Jordan’s brilliant worlds captures the audience’s attention and intrigue bringing all wonder of the imagination to life!

Coming from a Celtic background these stories captured my interest from the start, Jordan fascinates and concurs you right from the start with tales of fay creatures but one that got me most and sticks with me is the story of Odin. I have always been fascinated with all of the stories of Odin my whole life and Jordan puts a spin on this wonderful tale and he uses cernunnos, who is a big deal among us wiccans, to draw Dan in. I would think a big and powerful man such as Odin wouldn’t need the help of someone like the horned god lol but hey it made me hooked on the story. Odin is so wise and calm it always contradicted his warlike persona, he has always been the wise father figure who is calm and endearing in a crises but stern when needed.

David Jordan is a intelligent and creative author and I enjoyed each and every one of his stories! each one connected to the next and each creature and gods story more interesting. Dan Lee was a part of it all and his life was so interesting and rich, everyone Knew him and there wasn’t anyone’s life he didn’t touch. Greatest Stories Ever!


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