Physical Distraction (Physical Series #3) by Sierra Hill (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

Physical Distraction

Title: Physical Distraction (Physical Series #3) 

Author: Sierra Hill 

Published Date: April 12th 2016

Genre: Romance


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Sloane Fitzgerald was living the perfect, California-girl life. Engaged to her college boyfriend, working her dream job, and settling into her new home where she’d planned on living happily ever after. It was storybook perfect.
But life isn’t a fairytale.
Sloane’s world is suddenly rocked to the core with a devastating discovery. Needing both time away, and a distraction from her misery, Sloane heads to Boston to take over her late uncle’s failing bar.
Dylan Hemmons lives a charmed bachelor’s existence.
After serving in the Marines, Dylan returns home to the South Boston neighborhood where he grew up. While working for his father’s company has its perks, Dylan realizes his career passions lay elsewhere.
Dylan aspires for more.
He had no idea it would be in the form of a beauty from California. As their lives intersect, Sloane and Dylan find that the electricity between them is more than they can resist.
But Sloane’s past comes knocking on her door. If exposed, the secret she carries could destroy both her teaching career and what they have together.
Will Dylan believe in Sloane, and stand by her when the truth comes out? Or will this fling be over before it begins, and turn out to be just a physical distraction for them both?

***Adult Warning – Contains Adult themes – Caution Advised***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
While this book is part of a series, I felt like I didn’t need to read the previous books. That being said, I will at some point read those books because I fell in love with the characters in this one.

I felt that the plot was incredibly well thought out and the characters were well developed. It was a roller coaster ride and I enjoyed all the “knots in my tummy” moments. Sloane is amazing. She’s such a fire cracker. I love how independent she is, yet she grows in the book into someone who can find love and trust again. Her world was completely turned upside down, in more ways than one, and Sloane is able to come back from it. I felt for her. My heart physically ached when I read what her ex-fiance put her through. You will meet him later in the book and if you’re like me, you’ll want to punch him as well.

Dylan is just fantastic. He’s smart, sexy, prior service Marine and an electrician with a passion for creating art. I married a Marine so any time I get a chance to read about one, I automatically fall in love. Dylan was no different. I loved watching him grow and fight his feelings for Sloane. It hits him like a mortar when he realizes that this woman is his. Dylan grew so much as a character; he was so multidimensional that you didn’t know which side of him you were getting.

Overall, I loved this book. The plot was complete so you get all the answers you’re looking for. There’s no cliffhanger or sad ending here. I highly recommend that you go now and get a copy.


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