Bring Your Own Baker (Death by Cupcake #2) by D.E. Haggerty (Review by Christine – #NerdGirlPixie)


Title: Bring Your Own Baker (Death by Cupcake #2)

Author: D.E. Haggerty

Published Date: June 20th 2016

Genre: Cozy Mystery


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Anna just wants to earn enough money on the side to buy into the bakery, Callie’s Cakes, where she works together with her best nerd pal Callie. The last thing she expects to see when she walks into Arthur’s apartment to do some moonlighting is a blood bath. Callie’s ready to jump into the investigation into Arthur’s murder, and she’s bringing another bakery worker, Kristie, into their hijinks whether Kristie wants to or not. But things aren’t as they seem. There are gang affiliations, illegal gambling dens, and ladies of the night to wade through. Will Anna and Callie discover who murdered Arthur or will Callie’s detective boyfriend and Anna’s self-appointed protector put a stop to such aspirations?

Come join us at Callie’s Cakes, where murder investigations are on the menu, but make sure to bring your own baker, because Anna’s a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Warning: This is NOT your mom’s cozy mystery. Bring Your Own Baker may be a ‘clean’ read, but if gangs, illegal gambling, and pimps make you turn your nose up at your e-reader, you might want to skip this one. Although you’ll be missing some sizzling chemistry between Anna and her protector. Not to mention a whole bunch of witty dialogue.

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***Christine – #NerdGirlPixie’s  Review***
D.E. Haggerty’s Bring Your Own Baker is the second entry in her Death by Chocolate Series, and has the resident pink-haired pixie baker falling in with a tattooed tough guy.

Several crazy disguises, along with a few timely rescues from the very large tattooed gang member (aka Logan the hottie) and Anna and her girlfriends figure out the mystery.

This pixie absolutely loves the pink haired pixie! This story is fun and fast moving, and a definite must read!


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  • Christine #NerdGirlPixie

    I have really enjoyed these cupcake books–Death by Chocolate Series!! And yes, this pixie enjoyed the pink-haired pixie in the story!

  • D.E. Haggerty

    Thanks for the deliciously awesome review!

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