All’s Fair (Fair Folk Chronicles #4) by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

alls fair

Title: All’s Fair (Fair Folk Chronicles #4) 

Author: Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

Published Date: June 9th 2016

Genre: Young Urban Fantasy


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Late December is a magical time of year. Magical enough for the forces of the Fomoire to truly begin their conquest. Many people travel and consider new things during a gap year before college. Megan of the Unseelie, all of 18 now, is spending hers hurrying between realms and trying to figure how to stop the Fomoire from running rampant over all worlds when the Winter Solstice arrives. Now Megan must rally her friends and allies one more time in a last, desperate mission. Especially because some on both sides say all those worlds are doomed.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
I couldn’t put it down! I couldn’t stop reading! I knew it is the last book to the series! I knew if I kept going the end would come to fast! But I was so sucked into this series, that I had to see what happened next!
At first I thought I had the wrong book in my head, but all of a sudden it all came back to me. I could see in my minds eye where I left off from the last book. Whew! I was scared there for a moment! But Megan and the rest was back on a new or continued adventure to save the Faerie World. They fought as if they have been fighting for hundreds of years. They put all their smarts and love for where they were into it.
Betrayal and the fall of An Teach Deiridh, along with keeping the turn of seasons in place, Queen Megan had a plate full. As the story went on and they started to beet the monsters back, I felt a shimmer of hope. But when the castle started to fall, tears came. How can Megan and her friends win all of this? She needs outside help! But how to get it? Fallow Megan and her friends one last time to fight for what they truly love, Faerie and all the creatures in it.
No questions asked! I Loved it!!! Hold onto your seat for a long ruff, action filled, suspense filled, hold your breath ride! You will wish that you didn’t read it so fast! I did!


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