Fighting Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC #1) by Shelly Morgan (Review by Stephanie – #NerdGirlLuna)


Title: Fighting Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC #1)

Author: Shelly Morgan

Published Date: July 17th 2015

Genre: Romance


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Toby has always been the quiet one unless he needed to be heard. He lives and breathes his club and fighting – in or outside of the cage. But that all means nothing when Sara walks into his gym for a self-defense class he’s teaching. Wither her, he feels at peace, which isn’t something he’s ever felt before.

Sara was always a doormat and a pushover. But after years of being abused, both physically and emotionally, she decides to leave her boyfriend. In order to do that though, she has to leave what few friends she still has, her job and her apartment behind. She flees from New York to California, hoping that it is far enough away he won’t find her.

They meet when they never expected it. But when they are together, they feel things they have never felt before. Can they survive when Sara’s past clouds their present? Can Sara get over Toby’s hard exterior? Or will they only hurt each other beyond repair?

It’s time to decide if they will follow what fate has set out for them or if they will both be in for the fight of their lives; Fighting Destiny.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephanie – #NerdGirlLuna’s  Review***
Another good book in the Forsaken Sinners series. This was the book I really wanted to read, because I was excited to hear about Toby’s story. We were first introduced to him in Rewriting Destiny, and secretly he was my favorite.
However, all of my beloved characters pissed me off beyond measure when it came to Sara. The only exception to the situation was Dani and Toby. For a group of people that were hell bent on protecting the women under their care, they were extremely shitty to Sara. She was a woman, who like Dani, was escaping a bad situation and happened to find herself swept into the protective arms of the biker gang. She had been abused, made to feel worthless, and with a man who tried to break her down. Then to be battered emotionally and verbally by some of the very people that were supposed to protect her….that irritated my soul on a whole other level.
After all of the many bumps along the way, including my mini temper tantrum, I managed to enjoy Sara and Toby’s story. They were an adorable couple without all the crazy ass fighting that has surrounded the first couple’s story and seems to follow into this book as well. It should be very interesting to see what the rest of the story holds.


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