Your Heart is Mine (Our Hearts Are Lost #1) by Nicole Thorn (Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)


Title: Your Heart is Mine (Our Hearts Are Lost #1) 

Author: Nicole Thorn

Published Date: April 21st 2016

Genre: Horror Romance


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Isaiah Barker is a deputy in a small town in Southern California. For the past few months, the town has been plagued by a serial killer. Another serial killer. The Ripper, as the locals call him. Isaiah is far less sloppy than this new killer in town. This new killer makes a habit of killing young women and harvesting their organs before leaving the bodies on display for the townspeople to find.
The case was going slow until Rocelyn Blum moved to town. Isaiah takes a liking to her instantly, and it forces him into a situation where his only option is to set up his latest kill to make it look like The Ripper did it. The killer doesn’t take too kindly to being blamed for someone else’s work, so he decides to take it out on Rocelyn. Isaiah has to find The Ripper before his game ends and he takes away the only person in Isaiah’s life that can make him feel human.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
If you are a hopeless romantic AND a horror buff like I am then this book is totally for you!! Filled with forbidden romance, mystery, suspense, love, blood, gore and so much more. This book definitely catches your attention and catches you off guard.

In this story we follow Rocelyn. (Lynnie) She is an innocent, sweet rich high school girl. On the verge of being 18 she meets a man Isaiah who she immediately pines for. Taking every opportunity to flirt and entice him as only a teenager can do. Isaiah is a deputy an all around good guy, except for the fact that he’s a closet serial killer!!! These two are completely obsessed with each other. Lynnie calms the monster within Isaiah and he finds himself wanting to do nothing more than protect her and be with her. Lynnie of course only sees the best in Isaiah because well let’s face it that’s how teenage girls are. You get a sense of the whole broken puppy syndrome.

With Isaiah being older and Lynnie not even legal yet, he keeps his distance in a romantic way. BUT once she turned 18 all bets were off and their forbidden romance heats up! At first I was bothered a little by that aspect of the book. Although as I continued further into the story it became clear as to why the storyline started that way and I was no longer bothered. In the midst of all this forbidden attraction and blooming romance we endure ANOTHER serial killer. One who is hell bent on revenge against Isaiah and becomes obsessed with getting to him through Lynnie.


I feel I have given away to much already so I will finish with this. The author did a stupendous job at portraying a love story within a serial killing horror mystery. The characters were enticing, intriguing and superbly rendered. This author also lacks predictability which I absolutely LOVE! I’m usually good at figuring out the mysteries, but even I was shocked and blown away at who the second killer was. I did NOT see that coming.

With amazing characters and a completely unique and captivating storyline filled with twists and turns, this book is a must read for horror lovers. As well as romance lovers. Absolutely loved it and I can not wait to read more! Amazing Job! Highly recommend this book. 5 stars!!

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