BRAWLER by Scott Hildreth (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)



Author:  Scott Hildreth

Published Date: May 17th 2016

Genre: Romance, Fighting,


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All men suck! They lie, cheat, and break women’s hearts. I’d all but given up on relationships when I met Ethan Harlow, a drop-dead gorgeous boxer at Kidd’s Gym.

He was sexy, muscular, tattooed, and talented.

So, I decided to give boxing – and men – one last try.

My name is Jaz. I’m a boxer. This story is about my rise to fame, all the while doing the two things I enjoyed more than anything on earth.

Fucking and fighting.

Along the way, however, I found out a little about love.

Brawler is a STAND-ALONE, HEA, no cheating, no cliff hanger.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
Author Scott Hildreth never ceases to amaze even his biggest fans as he continues to write! This book was no less than 10 stars, but the rating systems just won’t let it go that far….I feel like we should collectively boycott this for some authors, this one being one of them! This book really rolled out the punches (literally as it is about a female boxer)….The reader is taken through the entire gamut of emotions – you will laugh, cry, yell, scream, want to punch someone (namely the author) and at times just want to vent your frustration in this roller coaster ride of a book.

The reader instantly feels for Jaz and all that she has been through and wants nothing but happiness for her…however, she must take some looping, twisting, curving roads to find her happiness…Ethan is also a fan favorite from the start and you can’t help but to feel for him as well. While his background story isn’t as sad, it is just as bad once the reader finally finds out what type of family he has. In this story we spend time with Ripp and Dekk and we remember why they were our favorite characters for awhile. The reader relishes in the smart mouth, cursing of Mike “Ripp” Ripton and can’t help but wish they were able to attend a few Sunday dinners with them.

The author puts his blood, sweat and tears into this book and it shows. It jumps out of the pages as the reader is zooming through the book wondering what is going to happen next. The reader can feel the characters emotions as if they were a part of them. It is a true author who can evoke these emotions in a reader and leave the reader with a boo hangover like no other once they are finished reading. The reader feels like they are with friends and family and that they MUST know what is going to happen next. The impact of the story is huge and it is one that I think everyone must read! Whether this is your first book by Author Scott Hildreth or your 13th – it is just as amazing and addicting!

Add this one and his others to your TBR list and be prepared to be wowed. Once you start reading this author there will be no other authors for you until you have devoured each and every one of his books and even then you will be re-reading a few of them! Enjoy this one as it has quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list!!

Be prepared for fighting, f*cking, cursing and chucks…..these are a Scott Hildreth Classic!


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    Scott Hildreth writes some amazing books!! I can’t wait for the next one!! #NerdGirlSteph

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