Lucky 13 by Rachael Brownell (Review by Catherine – #NerdGirlCat)


Title: Lucky 13

Author: Rachael Brownell

Published Date: June 7th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Lucky 13

Most people have a fear of the number thirteen. Be it superstition or otherwise, they believe it to be unlucky. For Madison and Grant, a chance encounter, and the number thirteen, sets in motion a series of events that forever changes their paths.

Madison Thompson: I’m a military brat. I’ve lived in more cities and on more bases than I can count. Friends? I’ve had plenty over the years. But those have come and gone as often has I have. I’m about to be a senior in high school… my fifth high school in the last four years. This time, it’s going to be different. My father says were here to stay. The question is… for how long?

Grant Fisher: One more year. Then, I can leave this town and move on to bigger and better things. Small town life isn’t for me. I want to travel the world and live in a city big enough that not everyone knows my name. There are plenty of reasons that I want to leave but only one that makes me want to stay.

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***Catherine – #NerdGirlCat’s  Review***
I was hooked from the beginning with this book, it’s one of those books that you can’t put down once you start it. Madison has been through so much, he mother passed away and she was always moving around. She is a very strong girl, but she has a lot to deal with. There are some twists in this book that you will not see coming and they just make this story so much better. This was also a very emotional story. I look forward to reading more from this author.


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