The Misadventures of Pann Haggerty by Amanda Ward (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

he misadventures

Title: The Misadventures of Pann Haggerty

Author:  Amanda Ward

Published Date: January 15th 2014

Genre: Romantic comedy


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It’s true, picking up a teenagers’ underpants for the umpteenth time can lead to a mid-life crisis. Widow Pann Haggerty, an Englishwoman of a ‘certain age’ decides to leave her life in England behind for a trip around America in an RV in search of new experiences maybe even love. Filled with a notebook full of ideas from the movies and television shows, Pann is addicted to, she arrives in New York determined to walk barefoot in the park and eat an English breakfast at Tiffany’s. Disaster awaits for Pann in every state she visits, but with her on this journey is her knight in shining armor ‘average’ Joe Harper. Her protector and guide in this new and exciting country. He is there to save his country from this quirky, impulsive, yet loveable woman, who is hell bent on taking the States by storm, and perhaps even his heart!

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
Pann Haggerty is done with having to clean up after her kids so she decided to do something she’s never done before: spontaneously rent an RV and go traveling from her hometown in England to America for a year to see all the sights. When she lands in New York she goes to a restaurant and orders an English breakfast. When they don’t make it the way she’s used to, she decides to make it herself and that’s where she meets Joe Harper. She tells him about her spontaneous trip and the sights she wants to visit and Joe, never having met someone as crazy as Pann, yet having a strong fast connection with her, tells her that he’s traveled around back and forth so much that he knows all the best sites to go to. He volunteers to go with her to show her and promises no funny business. Pann agrees and they set out and the more sites they see, the stronger their connection towards one another grows into something more.
I love road trip stories and this story was very cute. Pann and Joe would tease each other a lot but when one was in need, the other was always there for the other. The romance though was a little rushed. It seemed a little too spontaneous on Joe’s part, and I feel if they had been on the road for a few months and then started to fall in love that would seem a little more natural. But it’s an overall good love story.


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