Over the River by October Weeks (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

over the river

Title: Over the River

Author: October Weeks 

Published Date: May 20th 2016

Genre:  Paranorma[ Mystery/Dark Fantasy/Horror


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Down a snowy dirt road, in a farmhouse filled with death and fear, there is a woman…

The Weatherby Mills history books paint Joslyn Faust as a kind and generous woman who was willing to help any of her neighbors in need. Weatherby Mills lore, however, holds her ghost responsible for the deaths of four men.

Delilah Isles knows all the legends of the tri-towns from the friendliest and nastiest of ghosts, to the dangerous and terrifying beasts and beings of the Dark and Glory. So when the case of the Faust Homestead lands on her desk, she is both intrigued and skeptical.

Working for the New England Spirit Society, she and her partner, Milly West, have seen spirits and non-human entities commit many brutal attacks. After all, the New England Spirit Society investigates the most violent and disturbing cases. However, even with the four assaults contributed to Joslyn Faust, Delilah isn’t certain the case is truly N.E.S.S. material. That all changes the first time she and Milly set foot on the Faust property and witness firsthand just how vicious the celebrated townswoman’s spirit could be.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This story was fantastic beyond fantastic! I love a good mystery story and add ghost’s to it, well it made it an amazing read! The Author did a wonderful job how she tied everything together and that just sucked me in.
Delilah can see and talk to spirits. Her husband Derek is an empath to the dead. Milly can  touch an object and see the past events with it. Her husband Leo is an empath to the living. And then there’s Evie, she can feel energy lines in the earth. The guys work for the F.B.I. and the girls work for N.E.S.S. and Evie works with the guys and they all live in a small town and are good friends. They deal with the dark side of paranormal, the ones that plain ghost hunters can’t handle.
Their town in Vermont has a haunted house from a generation ago and the ghost there has been hurting and killing people. Delilah and Milly have been called in to rid the house of the family ghost. What they find is heart wrenching and so unreal. They have a hard fight on their hands.
The story takes you through their research and findings and as you go on, the mystery deepens and a huge puzzle forms. Ihopinging there is another book after this one, because there are a couple of things I feel wasn’t finished on. Like how is the Dalton’s and Tay’s connected with Delilah beyond her being a Dalton? And why didn’t Gabriel try to stop them when they fought Joslyn? And how is Helena tied into this? It has to have more to do with all of this then just her brother was killed by Gabriel. And who were to two children that warned her?
Very well written and pace was wonderful! I enjoyed it to no end and it made me remember how much I love a good mystery, with ghost’s as a bonus!

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