Fracture (The Secret Enemy Saga, #1) by Virginia McKevitt (Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)


Title: Fracture (The Secret Enemy Saga, #1)

Author: Virginia McKevitt

Published Date: May 30th 2012

Genre: Fantasy


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Strange things are happening in the little town of Blessing. Some of the townsfolk are dreaming of angels, others are dreaming of beautiful and seductive creatures. Either way, they are happy, after all this is Blessing.
Soon the dreams become a curse. Most people are having headaches and some are dying. An old drunk dies in a camper fire, a young factory worker dies of a drug overdose and a young woman’s parents are brutally murdered for no apparent reason.
There is a reason, a hunger. A dark hunger that cannot be satisfied by simple food or drink. A hunger that is not from this world.
The Couton, an ancient clan of women who feed off the memories of others have come to our world. They have found the fracture that has been kept secret for centuries and now have new feeding ground.
They are not alone. An assassin has been sent to our world to bring them back. His mission is to get in and out before he or his prey are discovered. Fate has a different plan for this warrior. He encounters Kristina, the strongwilled young woman whose death of her parents sends her on a collision course with a man who will lead her to discover she is more than meets the eye in both worlds.

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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
This book has taken me into a whole other world. There are so many different elements to this story. Each one perfectly balancing the other. The author had a very unique and captivating writing style. I love the way the author leads us into Kristina’s true heritage.

This story follows Kristina. A young, independent and strong willed woman who is faced to deal with a horrific situation that every person fears. The death of her parents. She soon discovers that her life is not exactly what she believed it to be. Their are things about herself that she never knew. Everyone in town is having strange dreams and odd encounters. Unknowingly to Katrina she is chosen to save the world. A portal has been opened. Memories are being stolen and people are being killed. An assassin is sent and everything is turned upside down! Katrina has to learn her true past, the real present and learn to fight to survive and save the world. Warning… Cliff hanger and it’s a good one!!

I could not put this book down. It was certainly a page turner for sure. Once I started I was entwined into this story and I couldn’t stop reading it. I loved the way the author keeps you on your toes. Her writing style and the storyline not only capture your attention, but she keeps it. With an amazing plot, exhilarating twists and amazing characters this book gets 5 stars! I tip my hat to you Ms. Mckevitt. Can NOT wait to read the next installment!


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