Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets, #1) by Aaron L. Speer (Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)

Night Walker

Title: Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets, #1)

Author: Aaron L. Speer 

Published Date: September 3rd 2014

Genre: Paranormal


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A young woman named Alexandra “Alex” Hensley discovers Sydney is hiding a very dark secret, a revelation that will challenge all she knows and endanger all she loves. Sinister forces, charged with keeping the secret for over two hundred years discover her knowledge and set out to fulfill their duty.
The truth will not set you free.

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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
As far as Vampire books go, this one was a phenomenal one. The author portrays a very modern yet classical story. Bringing back the original vampire genre. Ones that sleep during the day and not ones that sparkle in the sun light.

In this story we follow Alex, a respectable and very likable school teacher. Her best friend Lauren, a crazy party girl and Dante a vampire! Alex is having relationship issues with her long time boyfriend Matt and ends up meeting Dante. After learning that Vampires are in fact real and living right here in Sydney things become chaotic. Alex’s world gets turned upside down. She learns secrets that could cost her everything, including her life.

The author did an incredible job keeping this story easy to follow, fast passed and very modern day. The bad guys were rotten to the core. The good guys fight with all they have and the characters range from modern to eccentric to down right crazy! I loved all the elements thrown into this book. The underlined moral if you will. The self sacrifice, discovering ones self and the down right humanity in all. Including the vampires!! I would absolutely recommend this book and I am so excited to start reading the next installment!! 5 stars!! Bravo!


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