Enchanted: A Paranormal New Adult Novella Collection by Kate Thomas & Others (Anthology Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)


Title: Enchanted: A Paranormal New Adult Novella Collection

Author:  Kate Thomas and Others 

Published Date: May 31st 2016

Genre: Paranormal NA Anthology


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Six complete never before seen new adult novellas to help you find a quick getaway this summer!!

Uncovering the Truth by Kate Thomas – With one last trip in mind before joining the working world, Tani and her closest friends spend the a few weeks in her late father’s beach house. Between working to block the memories that keep resurfacing from her childhood and fighting the attraction she has for the alpha male down the block, she almost misses the truth tucked away for only her to discover. A truth that will change everything.

Dark Hearts by Christina Kelly – Though known for their debauchery, Reapers like Ash Thorne are chosen for their determination to cull without fail. But when he spared Melissa Mason’s life in a moment of compassion, he never dreamed the deed would come back to haunt him. Will Ash live to regret his moment of weakness, or will Melissa prove that forsaken hearts are still capable of true love?

Tainted Currents by Kathy-Lynn Cross – A change of scenery is exactly what Ceanna’s friends believe she needs to mend her broken spirit. A hiking trip to Skelton Lake may help to relieve her pain. But whispers of vengeance lie beneath the currents awaiting such a heart to release their rage from the river’s depths.

Bearing Secrets by Julie Wetzel – When Nora’s final summer in Alaska takes a turn for the worse, she finds herself in the arms of an unlikely hero: a bear shifter who can’t let anyone know what he is. Can they come to terms? Or will this chance encounter cost her everything?

The Banshee’s Heart by S. K. Gregory – Cameron encounters a Banshee called Christiana, who accidentally curses him with a death mark. As they search for a way to remove it, an old face from the past returns and Christiana must stop him from opening the gates to the Fae realm and unleashing hell on earth.

K + L by Amber Hassler – Balancing life left Kurt and Leah little time for romance, so when Kurt receives an email that he won a trip for two during 4th of July week, it was just what they needed. At first, things appear perfect until they begin to experience unusual occurrences in the house, then the two realize neither of them entered a contest. So, who, or what lured them there, and why?

These fun beach reads have never been published before and were written specifically for this anthology. Hope you enjoy the adventure!!


***Adult Warning – Contains  Adult Situations including a rape scene. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This is an NA Anthology featuring 6 new stories from 6 different authors, some of which I knew and some of which were new to me.

Having read the YA anthology that was promoted with this book I was curious to see the difference with the NA version (That and it had a couple of authors whose work I was familiar with in it and I always like to see what they are up to).

Over all this for me was very hit and miss but the great thing with anthologies is that you DO get a variety of styles and so there is usually something for everyone. As NA goes this is definitely on the cleaner side of things (there seems to be a lot of expectation in NA fiction for the sex levels to be higher) but for me this has no influence on the stories.

There are some unique paranormal ideas and some good twists on familiar ones. My rating for the book over all is done with an average of all the stories which ended up being a 3.5 which I rounded up to 4 stars from me.



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